Best Swimsuits for Small Busted Women

Best Swimsuits For Small Busted Women – Top 10 Choices

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Best Swimsuits for Small Busted Women

When the time has come to get a new bathing suit and you are a small busted woman, there are three options – you either own it, hide it or enhance it. And we are here to offer you the best swimsuits for small busted women for all of the options.

Actually, shopping for a bathing suit is a daunting experience for the majority of us especially after the long winter season. Whether you are small or big busted, pear or apple shaped, size 10 or 22, there are most likely certain parts of your body you wish to accentuate and certain parts of your body you wish to change or conceal.

Nevertheless, the key to looking good is feeling good and vice versa so it is all about finding the right bathing suit to show what you have got and hide what you wish to hide.

The Best Swimsuits for Small Busted Women – It is All About the Details

Best Swimsuits for Small Busted Women

We have gathered tips and tricks to define the best swimsuits for small busted women and the main conclusion is that these are details that matter. Whether you own it or enhance it, the proper details come in the game.

However, before we dive deeper, I would like you to appreciate what you have got – hey, you don’t need to worry about the support and function of the bathing suit as the bustier women do, you can dare to wear brave cut-outs and designs, plunging necklines and tiny triangles make you look appealing and chic, you can make the most of the high-neck bathing suits and many more. Hey, you are a lucky duck 🙂

Key Features of the Swimsuits for Small Busted Women

We have gathered the key features small busted women should look for in a bathing suit depending on the effect they wish to reach.

Best Swimsuits for Small Busted Women
Frills and Ruffles – Double Trouble 🙂

Best Swimsuits for Small Busted Women

Ruffled, frilled, fringed, tiered and any other top design involving the use of an excess material is a perfect choice for those wishing to add some volume to the upper part of the body. These also help to balance out your body in case you are wider at your hips.

In other words, the ruffled top is a double trouble on the beach – making its wearer look stunning and attracting a lot of attention.

Best Swimsuits for Small Busted Women
Formed-Cup Swimsuit – Shape Your Bust

Choosing a formed-cup swimsuit is a win-win solution. Not only it adds certain volume to your chest area, but it also gives some shape. You can choose the amount of added volume by variating with the amount of the padding as different suits offer different paddings. Besides that, if you are after little more oomph and plan to spend your day just lounging around, you can consider using some silicone inserts to modify your outlook.

Best Swimsuits for Small Busted Women

Anyway, the padding adds it up not too much and also not too little. Some bathing suits come with two level padding so you can choose the level of oomph you wish to have either having both of them or removing one or both levels.

Best Swimsuits for Small Busted Women

Underwire bathing suit is one of the options – perfect for those wishing to have some support. It allows you to shape and enhance your bust area. Regardless the amount of padding or even in case of no padding, underwire swimsuit top offers a certain level of support and lift.

Underwire tankini is a great choice for those looking for increased coverage. Tankini swimsuits embody a vast range of different features for your comfort and control. You can opt for tummy control tankini, push-up tankini and much more.

Best Swimsuits For Small Busted Women
Bright Colors and Bold Graphics are Your Friends

Best Swimsuits for Small Busted Women

Bright and/or printed swimsuits tend to distract the eye – like this one – the bright and attractive pattern together with the high neck takes all of the attention and balances out the body. The bright and sophisticated print is a great camouflage giving absolutely no idea about the size of your bust.

Striped designs are another good choice for those wishing to create the illusion of wider chest. Diagonal or slightly curved stripes will do the trick of adding up to the curves of your silhouette.

Best Swimsuits for Small Busted Women
High Neckline to Emphasize Your Shoulders

Best Swimsuits for small busted women

High neck swimsuits are perfect for showing off your stunning shoulders and driving attention away from your chest area. The more sophisticated the design, the more the attention distracted from your bust area.

As to this one, black was, has always been and will be the universal color flattering any size and any shape. So you can’t go wrong with a bathing suit in black.

Best Swimsuits for Small Busted Women
Wrap Style to Curve Your Bosom

Best Swimsuits for Small Busted Women

The attractive wrap around swimsuit top is a great choice for small busted women. This is due to the fact that this style emphasizes the middle section of your body and accentuates your curves by driving attention away from your bust area.

We like this sensual and chic wrap style one piece bathing suit as it is something small-busted women can rock to the full extent accentuating the flowy curves of the body and highlighting your femininity.

Best Swimsuits for Small Busted Women
Flower Power 🙂

Another good option is to explore the flower power. Flower pattern suits summer and particularly flatters small busted bodies.

Flower power is the power of summer and it is least likely to go out of the summer bathing suit style so it is definitely worth considering choosing this design for your beach outlook.

Best Swimsuits for small Busted Women
Halter Neck – Smash’in the Fashion

Best Swimsuits for Small Busted Women

Halter top swimsuits are said to flatter any woman regardless the body shape and/or size. Owing to the option to customize the lift halter top bathing suits create the illusion of fuller chest line. Moreover, this type of neckline offers more coverage but the right pattern downplays the size of the bust.

This turquoise padded halter bikini shows the importance of extra details in the middle of the bikini top in flattering the cleavage. It could be also a bathing suit with some embellishment, ring or twist – the effect would be the same – any of those would make your bosom look curvier.

Best Swimsuits for Small Busted Women
Bandeau Top Swimsuits – Glamour on the Beach

Bandeau top swimsuits are a great option for small busted women. The main advantage of the bandeau top is the strap-free tan. Moreover, it does look glamorous, feminine and chic so why not to take advantage of this style?

Bandeau is particularly suitable for small busted women as you don’t need to worry about reduced support and struggles to get it on or off as large busted women do.

Best Swimsuits for Small busted Women
Look for Details

The best swimsuits for small busted women have details. Either it is some embellishment, crochet, macrame, fringes, ruffles, ornaments or whatever else you can think of that either adds some volume to the upper part of your body or gathers all of the attention driving it away from your bust area.

If you don’t feel like wearing an eye-catching bathing suit, you can always go for a simple and clean bikini or another type of swimsuits by complementing your outlook with jewelry. This is a tested and proven way to flatter any outlook but in your case, it is a win-win solution.

Best Swimsuits for Small Busted Women
Brave Bikini – Make the Most of Your Smaller Cup Size

Brave and daring bikinis are proven to flatter the smaller cup sizes rather than the bigger ones. The design and style can vary but the dip can go extremely low. This can be dangerous for the bigger sized bust but makes the most of smaller chest.

And it not actually just bikini – try stunning one pieces or outstanding tankinis in brave patterns and cuts. These are all options for you depending on your taste and level of braveness.

Have You Found the Best Swimsuit for Small Busted Women?

So what do you think about above tips and tricks? Have they worked for you or perhaps you have any other tip you follow?

As you see small busted women are blessed with a lot of nice swimsuit options. It is just the matter of finding the one flattering not only your body but also your mind. We do hope this article will boost your confidence in your new bathing suit.

Explore more gorgeous options of swimsuits for small busted women here.

8 thoughts on “Best Swimsuits For Small Busted Women – Top 10 Choices

  1. Meliza

    I agree with you. I have small breast and my collections of bathing suits are 1 pc suit, tankini, halter tops and some bathing suits that enhance my chest. I dont like to wear strapless suit because i’m afraid it might fall off and expose my breast. I like to wear bathing suits that are stylish, summer prints, floral prints, suits that kinda cover my belly and of ourse the most important is I should be comfortable.

    • Hi Meliza

      Thank you for your comment. Comfort is extremely important when it comes to a bathing suit. But without doubt, it also has to flatter the body. Luckily, there are so many swimsuits out there that finding the perfect swimming suit is not a mission impossible anymore. Though it can be quite a time-consuming task 🙂 But we do hope our picks have made it easier for you.

      Cheers, Arta

  2. Marie Covert

    all the pictures above show nothing but BIG breasted women. I thought this was for small breasted women? go figure

    • Hey Marie

      I think when it comes to size, this is quite a subjective topic – one finds it small sized, some other sees it as a big size. However, regardless of the one’s opinion about the size, the article offers the best swimsuit options for small busted women so the main emphasis is on the types and features of the bathing suits.

      Cheers, Arta

  3. Destiny

    The Bandeau top swimsuit looks so nice and i think it’s going to fit my wife and she’s going to like it but what i am not sure of is if it will be tight on her because i am afraid it may pull down to expose her boobs when she jumps into water. No doubt I love the swim suit it looks cute.

  4. Margarette

    My goodness, so many to choose from.  Your post has left me feeling a bit more knowledgeable about the kind of swimsuit that would suit me best.  But seriously, I had no idea that there was so much to consider when buying a bathing suit, probably because I don’t really wear them, I’m that girl that would just wear some shorts and a t-shirt.

    After reading your post, I’m thinking the underwire bathing suit is what would suit be best.  Thanks for sharing.

  5. Sunny

    Awesome article! I wish I can get hands-on some pieces. I love all of them, don’t know which one I would choose. I like the red one although it covers the entire body. I’ve always avoided those which protect you from the Sun this much, but now I feel that’s actually a healthier version. 

    Do you know if some of those offer shipping to Serbia? 

    • Hey Sunny

      Yes, these ship worldwide just owing to the current situation there could be extended shipping time and some restrictions – better to re-check the shipping policy.
      Happy shopping, Arta

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