Swimsuits for Large Hips

Best Swimsuits For Large Hips – 6 Key Features to Flatter Your Silhouette

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Swimsuits for Large Hips

If you are large at your hips, you either own it or hide it. While the majority of style experts state that the best swimsuits for large hips are the ones balancing out your body and making your hips look smaller, the hot tendency is to celebrate your large hips and to choose a bathing suit that accentuates your curvy bottom.

But we here believe that there is no right or wrong way to choose the best swimsuits for large hips. There is just the way you feel is the best for you – the way that flatters both YOUR body and YOUR mind.

Some time ago I read a very interesting research on the way people assess themselves and others. So the article stated it happens on the subconscious level. People tend to like healthy looking people as it is all about the continuation of the species (nature is nature). And our subconscious identifies healthy-looking people as the best option to continue our species. But when it comes to women – there is a general perception that it is easier to deliver a baby if a woman has wide hips and our subconscious recognizes it as attractive characteristics (for the sake of the continuation of the species). Without doubt, it is a generalization but there definitely is something about it 🙂

To conclude, large hips are a gift and we should be thankful for it. But let’s have a look at the best options of swimsuits for large hips.

The Best Swimsuits for Large Hips – Put the Right Accents

Swimsuits for Large Hips

To begin with, large hips are all the rage nowadays when individuality rocks and we say goodbye to outdated stereotypes. Women are on their way to loving the way they are and the perception of the term “beautiful body” changes.

We believe the beautiful body is the body that loves itself so it is all about being yourself instead of following certain stereotypes.

Nevertheless, the key to flattering your hips is finding the right bathing suit bottom and we have discussed dos and dont’s women with wide hips should keep in mind when choosing the swimsuit.

Key Features of the Swimsuits for Large Hips

We have gathered the key features women with large hips should look for in a swimsuit depending on the effect they wish to reach.

Swimsuits for Large Hips
Choosing the Perfect Bottoms – The Key to Success

The main challenge for women with wide hips is to find the perfect fitting bottoms.

We have heard a lot of complaints about poor fit of bathing suits for curvy bottoms either being too tight, exposing the places women wish to hide or creating the saggy effect if sizing up.

Swimsuits for large hips

To begin with, it is always challenging to find the right fit regardless of the size or figure.

Therefore, it is extremely important to know what to look for and what to avoid.

When it comes to bathing suits for wide hips there are certain patterns flattering your bottom more than others.

Four basic “dont’s” for wide hips are as follow:

  • don’t choose swimsuit briefs with elastic bands or multiple straps;
  • don’t opt for horizontally printed bottoms;
  • don’t pick briefs featuring striking side detailing, such as crochet or metal decoration;
  • don’t choose boy shorts as it will accentuate your hips and make them look even wider.
Best Swimsuits for Big Busted Women

Instead of this, women with large hips should go for the following “dos“:

  • seamless bathing suits as they offer increased elasticity;
  • simple and clear designs;
  • high-waisted bikinis to show off your curvy bottom;
  • high-cut leg to compliment your large hips and make your legs look longer;
  • belted bottom as it will highlight your waist rather than hips;
  • bathing suit with skirt – just look for stylish and fashionable styles to avoid matronly outlook. Mini dark skirt will help you to hide both the hips and upper thighs;
  • a combo of a solid bottom with a multicolored top to drive the attention upwards;
  • side-ties to put the right accents and to adjust the briefs to your specific measures;
  • vertical prints to make your bottom look narrower and elongate the body.

Swimsuits for Large Hips
Off-The-Shoulder Look – Adding Volume to the Upper Part of the Body

Off-the-shoulder and bandeau bathing suits are a good option for women with wide hips who wish to make their bodies look symmetrical. This type of swimsuits will make your shoulders look wider balancing out your body thus.

Bandeau and off-the-shoulders swimsuits are elegant and graceful. However, you should pay attention to the additional features the bathing suit offers – such as control and support to make sure the bathing suit will not limit your water or beach activities.

Swimsuits for large hips
Playing With Colors – Distract the Eye

Geometric designs and color blocking gather the attention and drive the eye away from your curves. It is a great tool to downplay your large hips and curvy bottom as all of the attention will be paid to the pattern.

When playing with color blocks, make sure the prevailing color is not on the sides as it will make you look wider.

Swimsuits for large hips
The Best Choices of One Piece Swimsuits

The same principles go for one piece swimsuits for large hips. The best choices would be those with more print or pattern on the upper part of the suit. Solid dark one piece will do the trick of complimenting your body shape.

High-cut legs will elongate your legs while skirted one piece will offer an option to shelter your hips and thighs.

Vertically striped one piece swimsuit will make you look slimmer.

Racerback swimsuits will make your shoulders look wider and therefore your hips less noticeable.

Swimsuits for large hips
Emphasizing Your Assets – Rock Your Body

Anyway, emphasizing your assets works always. And the main benefit of this strategy is the boost of confidence leading to both looking and feeling great while wearing the swimming suit.

Whether you are fond of your neck, in love with your shoulders, wish to conceal your thighs or shelter the tummy, there is a swimsuit option for you. It is all about knowing what you wish to show off or hide, and finding the right features for it.

Halter top swimsuits accentuate the shoulders. V-neck and scoop neckline is a perfect choice for women wishing to highlight their neck. Plunging necklines will accentuate the upper part of the body.

Tummy Control Bathing Suits will help to shape your midsection and boost your confidence while on the beach. Or you can opt for visual effects by choosing swimsuits that hide your stomach.

If you are looking for a way to smooth out your silhouette and to look a size smaller, you could consider body shaping bathing suits.

Swimsuits for large hips
Choosing Flattering Cover-Up – Hit the Beach in Style

It is always a good idea to finish your beach outfit with a proper cover up as it can add up to the level of confidence and ensure the needed comfort between the swimming times.

Learn about the different types of women swimsuit cover ups to choose the most suitable for you.

So have our tips helped you in finding your perfect swimsuits for large hips? Is there any other tip or trick you take into consideration?

Let us know in the comment section as your experience and knowledge could be helpful to somebody.