Best Swimsuits for Curvy Figures

Best Swimsuits For Curvy Figures – 7 Tips To Dazzle On The Beach

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Looking for the best swimsuits for curvy figures? Wishing to find a flattering bathing suit for your curvy body? Let’s do it!

The Best Swimsuits for Curvy Figures – Flaunt Your Curves

Best Swimsuits for Curvy Figures

A curvy body is a happy body or at least should be. Many of us wish for some curve here and there. So showing your curves off is probably the best way to go.

But as with everything in our lives, there are most likely certain parts of areas of your body you don’t feel comfortable with. And knowing how to downplay these will boost your confidence while on the beach.

Best Swimsuits for Curvy Figures

A bathing suit with ruching and/or color blocking is definitely among the best swimsuits for curvy figures.

Ruching is a perfect detailing for concealing any flaw around the midsection as this is one of the most common problems among women, all women not only curvy.

Color blocking, in its turn, slims down the silhouette visually and can be of great help when wishing to accentuate and/or drive attention away from certain areas of your body.

Nevertheless, nowadays there is a vast range of solutions-focused swimsuits available on the market – it is just a matter of finding the right one.

What to Keep in Mind When Looking for The Best Swimsuits for Curvy Figures?

We have gathered the following tips and tricks to keep in mind when looking for the best swimsuits for curvy figures.

Flaunt Your Curves in a Solid Color One Piece Swimsuit

Best Swimsuits for Curvy Figures

One piece swimsuit probably sounds to you something old-fashioned and outdated, something our grandmothers and mothers used to wear a looong time ago. Well, these times are gone and so has old-fashioned, outdated one piece swimsuit.

Best Swimsuits for Curvy Figures

One piece bathing suit is reborn with new faces. It is glamorous, chic, stylish and offering a lot of features for your comfort and control over your swimsuit body.

Try wearing solid color and/or ruched one piece swimsuit to flaunt your curvy body as solid color slenderizes your silhouette. Besides that, you could be curvy enough to glance on your own without any additional details and attention-drawers. Perhaps, there is no need to accentuate or hide anything.

If you wish to emphasize your curves, you can opt for some interesting silhouette or one piece swimsuit with cut-outs. This is both underlining your curves and looking sexy.

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Plunging Neckline – Show Off Your Bust

Best Swimsuits for Curvy Figures

If your bust is curvy, you might consider a bathing suit with plunging neckline to show it off.

Such a bathing suit is a great tool for emphasizing your curves and ensuring the needed support at the same time.

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Boy Shorts? Leave Them to Other Body Types

Best Swimsuits for Curvy Figures

Boy shorts tend to add volume to the bottom part of your body, therefore, they could make you look unproportional and your lower part of the body – bulky.

Besides that, boy shorts add up to boyish outfit and downplay your curvy figure.

Consequently, it is a good idea to avoid swimsuits with boy shorts as the bottom. But in case you wish to downplay your curves this is one of the ways to go.

Choose Ruffles, Fringes, and Ties to Emphasize Your Curves

Best Swimsuits for Curvy Figures

If you are into emphasizing your curves, ruffles, fringes and ties are of great help. A swimsuit with ruffles on the top and ties on the bottom will do the trick. Or if you opt for fringes, look for a bathing suit with fringes on the top and bottom, or some other detailing on the bottom.

However, make sure to keep everything in balance. If you have ruffles or fringes along the neckline, you should have some detailing also on the hips. In addition, you should avoid too heavy ruffles as they will ruin your proportions and make your curves look disproportionate.

Conceal Curviness with Tiny Pattern

Best Swimsuits for Curvy Figures

If you feel like masking your curves instead of showing them off, some small pattern or print could help. Tiny polka dots, small geometric pattern or some other miniature print are great camouflagers reducing the volume and your curves.

Proper Support for Fuller Chest

Best Swimsuits for Curvy Figures

Fuller busted women most likely are looking for proper support to keep the girls in places. The good news are that not only traditional bikini or one piece swimsuit can be on your list but also strapless bikinis, chic tankinis, and sexy one piece bathing suits.

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Tankini Swimsuit for Increased Coverage

Best Swimsuits for Curvy Figures

You should pay attention to the top of the swimsuit so that it is supportive enough to hold everything in its places. Unless you are the same size at the top and bottom, look for retailers offering to order different sized top and bottom or opt for mixing and matching.

When looking for a bikini, I have wished a top of one set and the bottom of some other set. And it has happened many times. Well, with tankini swimsuits it is a wish coming into reality as you can easily choose different patterns and cuts for top and bottom.

Best Swimsuits for Curvy Figures

Tankini swimsuit is a great choice for women looking for an increased coverage and comfort as it embodies the coverage of one piece swimsuits with the comfort of a bikini. It is a perfect swimsuit option for women protecting their skin from the sun, moms playing with their children on the beach or anyone just wishing to reduce the amount of skin exposed.

Best Swimsuits for Curvy Figures

Your curvy body will benefit from nearly any tankini style so you can opt for the one you like the most. Halter tankini swimsuits, bandeau tankini swimsuits, underwire tankini swimsuits, asymmetrical tankini. Any of these will flatter your curvy shape ensuring the needed coverage, support, and comfort.

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If you somehow feel not comfortable about your hips and thighs (as many of us do), a tankini top with some print or pattern and one color bottom will do the trick of driving the attention away from your concerned areas. It is due to the fact that printed top will gather all the attention to the upper part of your body and make the lower part less noticeable thus.

So have you defined your needs for the best swimsuits for curvy figures?

Many of us feel insecure when wearing a swimsuit. However, if properly matched and putting the right accents, a swimsuit rather boils than spoils your beach outlook.

The main aspect is to feel good in your bathing suit as then you also look good. Just a bit of the knowledge and few tricks make the difference to really dazzle and stun.

Remember to keep the balance between the top of your body and the bottom. Proportions and symmetry are loved by nature and people. Support the needed areas, control the properties and accentuate the assets.

How do you dress your curvy body? What type of bathing suit do you choose and why? Do you follow any tips or use any tricks when shopping a swimsuit?