Best Swimsuit for Pear Shape

Best Swimsuit For Pear Shape – The Most Flattering Choices

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Best Swimsuit for Pear Shape

So are you wondering what is the best swimsuit for a pear shape?

We have gathered tips and tricks, do’s and don’t’s, as well as cute and flattering swimsuit choices so that you can show off your pear shape in the best possible manner.

Best Swimsuit for Pear Shape – Bear Your Pear with Flare 🙂

If you feel good you look good and vice versa. The secret of looking and feeling good in your swimsuit lies behind finding the bathing suit flattering not only your mind but also your body shape. As we are more than sure there are certain things about your body you wish to accentuate and certain things you want to hide.

And believe us – it is far easier to do than you think 🙂

So Which is The Best Swimsuit for Pear Shape?

Best Swimsuit for Pear Shape

Pear shape means you are bigger on the bottom than on the top meaning your shoulders are narrower than your hips. As we have discussed before – it is all about making your body visually symmetrical.

Consequently, the best swimsuit for pear shape is the one balancing out the difference by making your shoulders look wider or hips and thighs narrower. Moreover, you are probably looking for a bathing suit ensuring a certain level of coverage for your rear end.

However, the most important is that you feel good in your bathing suit and accentuate what you believe your assets are. Many women find fuller bottom sexy and instead of hiding it prefer highlighting. So it is totally up to you what to conceal and what to emphasize so we will offer choices for every wish.

Best Swimsuit Choices for Pear Shaped Women – Celebrate Your Summer

We have created a list of the best swimsuit choices for pear shaped women so you can enjoy careless days on the beach.

Best Swimsuit for Pear Shape

Halter Top Swimsuits – Driving Attention to Your Face

Halter top swimsuits are said to flatter nearly any body shape. This type of swimsuit tends to drive the attention to your face and therefore away from any other area you could consider as a flaw. In addition, halter style helps in enhancing your chest area.

We have created a cute selection of halter top swimsuits – you are welcome to have a look at it for some inspiration.

Best Swimsuit for Pear Shape

Padded Swimsuits – Enhancing Your Bust

Padded swimsuits will do the trick in making your upper part bigger and as we discussed this could be one of our aims. Push up tankini could be a great choice for those looking not only for bust enhancement but also for increased coverage.

If you are after increased support, underwire bathing suits are the ones ensuring the greatest level of breast support.

String bikinis flatter pear shape and are a good choice unless you are looking for the support. Some of these offer padding, some – don’t, but some come with removable padding.

Best Swimsuit for Pear Shape

Bandeau Top Swimsuits – Widening Your Shoulders

Bandeau top swimsuits are doing an outstanding job in making your upper part of the body look wider. This type of swimwear is extremely glamorous and feminine as it adds curves and emphasizes your silhouette.

Have a look at our collection of bandeau top swimsuits to flatter your pear shape.

Best Swimsuit for Pear Shape

Sexy One Piece Swimsuits – Plunging Necklines and Cut-Outs

If you are looking for a one piece swimsuit, you should look for a bathing suit drawing attention upwards instead of downwards.

Plunging necklines and cut-outs gather the attention so one piece swimsuit featuring either one or both of these features is a great choice for pear shaped women.

We have selected stunning one piece swimsuits to accentuate your curves.

Best Swimsuit for Pear Shape

Tummy Control Bathing Suits – Taking Care of Your Stomach

Midsection is a problem area for many women. But also this problem has a solution. You could try tummy control bathing suits or swimsuits that hide your stomach.

While tummy control bathing suits feature tummy control panels for functional action, swimsuits that hide your stomach act rather visually than functionally.

Best Swimsuit for Pear Shape

Bathing Suit with Skirt – Emphasizing Your Booty

Even though many experts tell us to balance out our bodies and to make the bottom part appear smaller, curvy booty is a sexy booty and many women wish to emphasize it instead of concealing.

An effective way to emphasize your bottom part is by choosing a bathing suit with skirt – the extra material calls attention to the area by highlighting your curves.

You can reach the same effect by choosing belted swimsuit, shortini, thick-banded bottom or any other bathing suit with extra material at the bottom.

If in its turn, you wish to conceal your hips and thighs, the above things are the ones to avoid.

Useful Tips to Keep in Mind When Choosing Swimsuit for Pear Shape

Best Swimsuit for Pear Shape

Owing to the differences between your upper and lower part fo the body, a good idea for pear shaped women is to go for a two piece bathing suit. Whether it is tankini or bikini depends on the level of coverage you wish for. Look for retailers offering options to mix and match – it allows you to choose the proper sizes for top and bottom, as well as, have fun with coloring.

Best Swimsuit for Pear Shape

Pairing a bright and bold top with dark or neutral bottom will balance out the difference between the upper and lower part of your body as it will drive all the attention to your top. You should choose high-cut-legs bottoms as these visually slims and elongates the lower part of your body.

Best Swimsuit for Pear Shape

One piece swimsuit solid on the bottom and patterned on top will flatter the pear shape, as well, due to its ability to add volume to the top of your body and balancing your silhouette thus.

Horizontal lines make you look wider so it is a great tool in either balancing out your pear shape if chosen for the swimsuit top or accentuating your curvy bottom if chosen for the bathing suit briefs.

Let’s look at the short summary about the best swimsuit choices for pear shaped women:

Best Swimsuit for Pear Shape

So have we managed to help you in defining the best swimsuit for the pear shape? Do you find our choices flattering to your pear shape? Which one do you like the best? Share your opinions and knowledge as it could be helpful to somebody.

22 thoughts on “Best Swimsuit For Pear Shape – The Most Flattering Choices

  1. Angela

    I always hated wearing, less trying on swimsuits. Obviously I am subconscious about my body shape. You know flat on top and an extra load on the bottom. Then I came across your post here about pear shape body styles as I was truly drawn in to everything you had to say.
    I like the styles with the small skirts, to me that makes everything more classy. I definitely will book mark this and come back in a few weeks.
    Thanks, Angela

    • Hey Angela

      I am glad you have found helpful my article about the best swimsuit for pear shape. Black Fringe Bandeau Sarong Skirtini is a glamorous and stylish choice to flatter your pear shape. Let’s rock the summer 🙂

      Happy shopping, Arta

  2. Kwame

    My wife don’t like wearing swimming suit her reason been that she is not comfortable in it, i have try to convince her but still she is not interested.
    Swimming suit look good on women i wish my wife will be able to try it one day.

    How can i convince her to try it.


    • Hi Kwame

      In order to love a swimsuit, you have to love your body in the swimsuit. In order to love your body in the swimsuit, you need to be aware of how to hide what you consider as flaws and how to highlight what you love about it. And there are a lot of features and tools to do that.
      If your wife is concerned about her midsection, she can have a look at our articles about swimsuits that hide stomach and tummy control bathing suits.
      We have also prepared a guide on the best swimsuits for big busted women.
      If your wife has wide shoulders, we have prepared suggestions on best bathing suits for broad shoulders.
      Whatever the concern is, there is a solution for this. So you can simply type the concern in our search box and see the recommendations. If you don’t find anything for your concern, just let us know in the comment section and we will investigate the topic for you to help your wife feel good in a bathing suit again!

      Cheers, Arta

  3. Darmendra

    Hello Arta,
    Most of the women (including me) have to deal with our insecurities when we are going to wear a bathing suit. Because always there is something from our body we do not like, that is why I am happy had read your article; with all your tips you are helping us to wear a bathing suit with more confidence.

    • Hi Darmendra

      I am glad you have found my article about best swimsuit for pear shape helpful. It is always a bit tricky when it comes to shopping a swimsuit so useful tips can make it easier to take the right decision. Knowing what swimsuit features can help you and vice versa is the right way to go to make the informed choice.
      It is all about feeling good in your bathing suit and it can be achieved only if you feel secure about your insecurities 🙂

      Cheers, Arta

  4. FreddieC

    You have some nice options here but if I had to choose only one, I would choose the one with the skirt. For me it can serve a two fold function. 1. It emphasizes the bottom if that is what you want and 2. It is a good cover up if you do not want to feel too exposed. If feels like you are wearing a little mini dress instead of an exposing swim wear. Of course, that perception might be all in the mind but hey….the mind is in charge 🙂

    • Hey there

      Thanks for visiting my website! You are completely right – bathing suit with skirt adds volume to the bottom part of your body and it is a great choice for women wishing to reduce the amount of skin exposed. As I always say you need to feel good to look good so it is all about flattering not only your body but also your mind.

      Cheers, Arta

  5. Veronica

    Swimsuits….I think Charlie Brown said it best, “UGH!!!”

    When I was slim and trim, I was self comnscious; now that I’m bigger and curvy, I’m still self conscious. So, apparently, confidence has nothing to do with size.

    You give some great tips on finding the best swimsuit for pear-shaped women. Walking around in front of strangers, nearly naked, really does take a lot of confidence, and wearing a swimsuit that flatters your body helps tremendously. I always gravitated towards halter tops, but I never really considered how that look can flatter just about any shape.

    You said it best in terms of the “secret” to finding the right swimsuit: the best swimsuit is one that accentuates the positive, and conceals what you want to hide.

    • Hey Veronica

      Thank you for visiting my website. I think when it comes to our bodies there is always something we are not satisfied with. So it is a neverending story. It is a matter of understanding what exactly you are not satisfied with and choosing a bathing suit that hides or controls that area of your body. Nowadays there is a wide range of different features built in swimsuits so that you can take care of nearly any imperfection.

      Cheers, Arta

  6. Theresa

    I am pleasantly surprised to see so many beautiful looking swimsuits.

    Great article you presented each swimsuit in a very nice way, with a good detailed description of every swimsuit. However I would like to know are these swimsuits good for someone who is rather large breasted?

    Thank you for such a helpful article!

  7. SJ

    This is such a great article! I’m going to bookmark it.

    And just read it in time because the sun’s out and I’m currently looking for a swimsuit. But was immediately unsure as to what would look flattering and boy this guide is just a life saver.

    Thank you so much!

    • Hey there

      It is a pleasure to know my article on the best swimsuit for pear shape has helped somebody 🙂 And if it helped you to find your perfect bathing suit to flatter your body and mind, I would be more than happy!

      Wish you to succeed with your swimsuit purchase, Arta

  8. Jaime

    It just started to get really hot again here in Vegas and everyone is heading to the pool. Just last week I was getting out my bathing suit and thinking it had been a while since I’d checked out your website. You’re still obviously rocking some great ideas. I adore the black with fringe and the skirt with bandeau at the top. There is no reason any girl should feel like hiding this Summer with cute options like this.

    • Hey Jaime

      I couldn’t agree with you more 🙂 The time has come to flush away any doubts and concerns, and to rock our bodies in cute flattering bathing suits. I am glad you liked the selection of the best swimsuits for pear shape – let’s flare the pear 🙂

      Take care, Arta

  9. Lynda

    Hi! I am so glad I found this website. I hate bathing suits they make me feel so self conscious. I always wind up wearing a t-shirt and shorts over them. But I am seeing that one with the skirt and thinking I might try that one this year. Thanks for opening my eyes to the ways to hide the flaws. I think the skirt will give me a little confidence with it not showing so much. Do you also sell cover up’s to go over the bathing suit?

    • Arta

      Hey Lynda

      I am glad that my article about the best swimsuits for pear shaped women has helped you to understand different swimsuit choices. Without doubt, there are so many options to hide what you want to hide and to emphasize what you want to emphasize even in a swimsuit. And also swimsuits cover ups can help – have a look at different choices of beach cover ups here.

      Cheers, Arta

  10. Adamu2

    Thanks for this lovely article. Woman looks good and feels good wearing swimming suit.My partner loves swimming as a form of exercise, I do admire her more whenever she puts on the swimming suits. I can’t hesitate to buy her bathing suit with skirt  for her as a surprise .this is an informative article on swimsuit. Best regards 

  11. Shane Fegan

    Hi Arta,

    There is definitely some substance to your site and my wife would love to get her hands on some of these.

    It definitely is a confidence thing, and trust me men and women experience this when it comes to swimsuit comfort.

    Providing ladies with these options can only be a good thing, the darker colours tend to help as well.



  12. Norman

    I believe that my wife will find what you have to offer to be helpful as she is one that is more reserve if I can use that word when it comes to swimwear. It is amazing how far swimwear has come and the many styles that are offered to appeal to the different tastes. I am sure that the many females out there will find your post to be so helpful especially how this is summertime as we head off to the beach. 

  13. Edwin Bernard

    I found it enlightening to see how a swimsuit can alter how a woman with a pear shaped body looks. I was amazed how they are engineered to modify the contour of the body in specific areas to make the lady look and feel beautiful. 

    When a lady feels beautiful it;s amazing hos she comes across of being confident as well as looking beautiful too. 

    Thanks for a very helpful post on how to choose the best swimsuit for a pear shaped body.


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