Body Shaping Bathing Suits

Best Body Shaping Bathing Suits – Functional, Stylish and Sexy

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Body Shaping Bathing Suits

Body shaping bathing suits are a godsend to many women. But we are often being asked about which are the best body shaping bathing suits. So we have finally done it – analyzed an ocean of customer reviews to find the best shaping swimsuits. Shaping swimsuits that are not only highly functional but also feel comfortable and look outstanding.

So hang on… here we go!

Best Body Shaping Bathing Suits – Smooth Your Silhouette in Style

Miraclesuits® are well known for their ability to instantly slim and shape the body. It is achieved by a successful mixture of innovative materials and highly functional design elements. Their bathing suits are said to ensure tummy control three times as the ordinary swimsuits do without compromising comfort and style. They do not use any inner linings or control panels to shape the body but as they have stated:

Look 10 lbs. lighter in 10 seconds®… the time it takes to slip on a Miraclesuit®

Sounds too good to be true? Well, so thought we and decided this is definitely something to check on.

But after reading a lot of actual customer reviews – it is not. It is just as good as it sounds. So we could easily include these bathing suits on our list of the best body shaping bathing suits.

The 5 Best Body Shaping Bathing Suits – Shape & Gape

Body Shaping Bathing Suits

ProductMiraclesuit Mystify Underwire Sweetheart Neckline One Piece Style

Features: Tummy Control, Underwire, Soft Cups, Sweetheart Neckline, Adjustable Thin Straps, Mesh Cutouts, Full Back, 69% Nylon / 31% LYCRA® spandex

This sexy Miraclesuit Mystify Underwire One Piece is among the best sellers of the season.

Mesh peek-a-boo cutouts add up to graceful and eye-catching beach outlook. Besides that, the slimming bathing suit adds curves and accentuates the bust area.

Miraclesuit Mystify Underwire Sweetheart Neckline One Piece Style
  • Quality
  • Size/Fit
  • Price
  • Performance



  • Tummy Control
  • Sexy
  • Stylish
  • Long Lasting Material
  • Eye-Catching Design
  • Slimming
  • Flattering


  • Too Thin Straps
  • Not suitable for long torso
User Review
4.5 (2 votes)
Body Shaping Bathing Suits

The design of the swimsuit makes the legs look longer and waist slimmer.

The body shaping swimsuit is highly evaluated by women who have bought the suit. The swimsuit is said to do a great job in slimming and shaping the body.

Customers state the bathing suit creates an illusion of an hourglass body shape and boosts confidence. It looks good and makes it wearer feel good. Women confirm the bathing suit is of high quality.

Body Shaping Bathing Suits

The shaping swimsuit is said to fit great and suck you in. It is particularly flattering around the tummy area as it slims down the midsection perfectly. The general conclusion is that the above statement about 10 seconds really works.

However, few customers find the slimming bathing suit being a little bit snug therefore in case you are in between the sizes they suggest you go for the bigger size. The manufacturer suggests you ordering your usual pant size.

Some women find the straps being too thin and not giving the confidence of staying up. The bathing suit could be too short for women with longer torsos.

The slimming swimsuit is said not to be suitable for water aerobics as the material covering the chest area tends to pull down during water activities.


Body Shaping Bathing Suits

Product: Miraclesuit Must Haves Swimwear One Piece Gandolf Style

Features: Tummy Control, Underwire, Molded Cups, Sweetheart Neckline, Non-Adjustable Wide Straps, Shirred Bodice, Scoop Back, 69% Nylon / 31% LYCRA® spandex

Body Shaping Bathing Suits

Miraclesuit Gandolf tummy control one piece swimsuit is proven to slim and support. Women who have bought the slimming and body shaping bathing suit advise that despite the high price it is worth getting one (in each color :)). Some say they never spend so much on a swimsuit but once the sale starts they get their deal.

Body Shaping Bathing Suits

This one piece swimsuit is said to ensure great support and control. It looks flattering and feels extremely comfortable. The bathing suit smooths out the silhouette and is said to do all the right things 🙂

The ruched bodice is loved by women as it covers up any flaw around the midsection. Customers find the bust cups fantastic.

Women suggest ordering your usual size.

However, few customers state the straps are too long and had to be shortened to ensure the needed bust support.

Body Shaping Bathing Suits

The swimsuit is said to dry very slowly.

Some women complain about the difficulty to get in the suit and advise not to wear it all day long.

Body Shaping Bathing Suits

Product: Miraclesuit Women’s Zip Drive Temptress Sweetheart One Piece Swimsuit

Features: Tummy Control, Molded Cups, Sweetheart Neckline, Non-Adjustable Wide Straps, Side Shirring, Low Scoop Back, 69% Nylon / 31% LYCRA® spandex

Body Shaping Bathing Suits

Miraclesuit Women’s Zip Drive Temptress Sweetheart One Piece Swimsuit features beautiful print pattern creating an illusion of hourglass body shape and defining the waist. So the first great benefit of this body shaping you swimsuit is its ability to slim down the torso visually.

Women who have bought this Miraclesuit emphasize its flattering fit and slimming properties. Thos body shaping bathing suit is loved by customers due to outstanding quality and high functionality.

Body shaping bathing suits

The neckline of the slimming swimsuit is sexy but not too revealing. The cups are said to fit perfectly and customers state they are capable of accommodating also a big bust.

Miraclesuit swimsuits are long-lasting and customers emphasize their durability.

However, few women find the back too plunging resulting in less support. The back is also found awkwardly high and fit tight.

In addition, the straps are said being more off to the sides leading to reduced support.

body shaping bathing suits

Product: Miraclesuit Escape One Piece Underwire Swimsuit

Features: Tummy Control, Underwire, Molded Cups, Sweetheart Neckline, Non-Adjustable Wide Straps, Surplice Silhouette, Scoop Back, Moderate Leg Cut, 69% Nylon / 31% LYCRA® spandex

Miraclesuit Women’s Escape One Piece Surplice Underwire Swimsuit is particularly loved by women. It is not only due to its slimming properties but also because of the bust enhancement effect the bathing suit offers. Women who have bought the swimsuit emphasize its waist slenderizing qualities. It is evaluated as very flattering for fuller figured and curvy women.

Bodyshaping bathing suits

Women who have bought the swimsuit emphasize its waist slenderizing qualities. It is evaluated as very flattering for fuller figured and curvy women. The swimsuit is said to work for apple shaped women as it defines the waist and makes it look small. Customers state the swimsuit makes them look 2 sizes smaller.

In case you are concerned about love handles or any other flaw around your midsection, this body shaping bathing suit is proven to solve the problem by holding everything in.

The swimsuit has room for big sized breasts and is said to look stunning.

However, the suit tends to run smaller so women suggest to order a size up.

Some women complain about fit at the bust as the bathing suit doesn’t hug the breasts letting them loose. Some customers don’t like the bust line design as they feel the cleavage is revealed too much.

Body Shaping Bathing Suits

Product: Miraclesuit Women’s Miracle Solids One Piece High Neck Swimsuit

Features: Tummy Control, Underwire, High Neck, Side Shirring, Non-Adjustable Wide Straps, Scoop Back, Moderate Leg Cut, 69% Nylon / 31% LYCRA® spandex

Miraclesuit Women’s Miracle Solids One Piece High Neck Swimsuit will make both your torso and legs look longer. In addition, it tends to minimize your chest and waist. Underwire ensures support to the full bust.

Body Shaping Bathing Suits

Women who have bought this body shaping bathing suit loves the stylish support for the big bust and slimming effect it offers. This is a perfect bathing suit for active swimming or water aerobics as it ensures the needed support and keeps everything in its places. The swimsuit allows moving freely without compromising comfort and style. The straps don’t fall off allowing to enjoy any activity to full extent.

The swimsuit is evaluated as extremely flattering and comfortable. It is said to do a great job in camouflaging the belly and slenderizing your silhouette without any squeeze or bulb.

Body Shaping Bathing Suits

Even though Miraclesuits tend to be higher priced any woman who has tried the bathing suit of this brand highly recommend it. They not only last longer and are extremely durable but they also do deliver what they promise and make you look lighter in just a few seconds.

However, one customer is not completely happy with this bathing suit. She says the underwire is there somewhere but not necessarily ensuring the support she is looking for. It is mostly due to the fact there is neither a bra nor a padding inside (just a double material) so the underwire is floating therearound. They say it can work for sizes matching the size of the underwire.

According to some other customer, the underwire has to be adjusted each time when putting on the bathing suit – but once done, it is very comfortable, flattering and supportive.

So have you managed to find your perfect body shaping bathing suit? If not – have a look below.

We have prepared selections of the best tummy control bathing suits and swimsuits that hide your stomach – perhaps your perfect swimsuit is among those? 🙂

35 thoughts on “Best Body Shaping Bathing Suits – Functional, Stylish and Sexy

  1. Crystal Doc

    Summer is here and it is so hard to get everyone out of the house after all the weight gain.
    These look gorgeous. The dark colors and shades do
    very good job of concealing the extra pounds also. Great suggestions. I am about to take a look at the reviews on amazon.
    You hit the spot right here. I will share this with my friends. They will be very appreciative

    • Hey there

      Body shaping bathing suits are a godsend for many of us, especially for those having some problems at the midsection. And this is definitely the best solution for those looking for a way to solve this problem immediately.

      Happy shopping, Arta

  2. Matendi

    That post is awesome. Too often you see bikinis being offered as the main choice for sexy swimwear, but not every woman wants to bare that much.
    These swimsuits look great and they help to enhance a woman’s figure. This means that someone who may be a bit overweight can wear one of these swimsuits and still look good.

    • Hey Matt

      Thank you for visiting my website. Majority of us doesn’t feel 100% confident about our summer bodies so the least we can do is to choose proper bathing suit 🙂 And luckily for us nowadays there are so many options to choose from to downplay any flaw.

      Cheers, Arta

  3. Ileana Villasmil

    OMG! just what i needed. I recently gain some weight so my old bathing suit doesn’t fit me anymore. I don’t want to buy another bikini, i just don’t feel comfortable anymore (yeah, bodyshaming) so i wanted to buy a 1 piece bathing suit but i had no idea they could have tummy control! This is totally perfect for me. Great post!

    • Hey there

      Body shaping bathing suits are a godsend to many women. One piece swimsuit featuring tummy control is a great choice for women wishing not only to hide but also to shape their midsections. So lumps and bulges are the history 🙂

      Happy shopping, Arta

  4. Delois

    Hi Arta
    This is a very informative post about the variety of swimsuits by Miraclesuit. It’s great that there are more choices in swimwear nowadays. We can still go to the beach without having everything out and still look good and be comfortable. Thanks for this post. All the best.

    • Hey Delois

      Body shaping bathing suits are a godsend to many women – their features of controlling and smoothing out the silhouette are appreciated. It is just a matter of finding the right one to feel great and look stunning.

      Cheers, Arta

  5. Tasos Perte Tzortzis


    I’m interested in buying one for my wife this season. She once had a similar to the Gandolf style suit. But, she was not fully satisfied, and now she wants to ask you a question and have me writing in English for her

    Which one of those you suggest is your best option? She’s a little over her weight right now. Is it maybe the high-neck that covers the whole body?

    • Hey there

      Thank you for visiting my website! It is a pleasure to read that also men join their women in the challenging search for the perfect bathing suit.
      Miraclesuits are proven to perform well and fit flattering so any of the listed ones is a great option for shaping the body. If your wife is looking for increased coverage (at the chest area), then without doubt high neck swimsuit would be the best choice.
      If she doesn’t feel comfortable about showing off her thighs, there is available also Miraclesuit swimdress:

      Hope this helps!

  6. sharon

    I have been searching for a swimming costume that will make me feel as if i have a bit more shape as there is nothing worse than walking out to a pool and all your body is out of shape.
    These costumes look great and very flattering.
    Would you suggest to buy one the exact size that you are or slightly bigger?as i always have problems with swimsuits.
    Great post:)

    • Hi Sharon

      The sizing instruction depends on the swimsuit you choose. I have included sizing indicator in the review based on customers advice. However, you are welcome to check the guide on how to buy a swimsuit online here to identify the risk factors and challenges, as well as ways to deal with those.

      Happy shopping, Arta

  7. Juliet

    Wow! I never knew a body shaper swimsuit existed. I have been telling myself that I will never wear a swimsuit. Too many bulbs all over my waist after giving birth to four children.
    This is great news! And there are even 5 different designs to choose from. Looking at all 5 I like the 5th one the best and the one in black

    • Hey Juliet

      Body shaping bathing suits are a godsend for many women wishing to slenderize the midsection and smooth out the silhouette. I am glad you have liked our selection of the best body shaping swimsuits as these ones not only look good but also are proven to do their slimming job. So… the beach is waiting for us 🙂

      Happy shopping, Arta

  8. Danijel

    Hello Arta, I must say that this article is very helpful and informative. My wife read this text and she says that she wants to get her one shaping bathing suit but we don’t know how to order, does it even ships internationally? Thank you for your time to respond, we appreciate it.

    • Arta

      Hey Danijel

      Your wife has made a great choice – these body shaping swimsuits are not only functional but also flattering and will make your wife both look and feel good. They do ship internationally – this shouldn’t be a problem at all.

      Happy shopping, Arta

  9. drinkteahub

    This article highlights the fact that there are now many more styles of swimsuit available for women, well beyond the traditional bikini. This is a good thing, especially for women like me who don’t want to bare too much flesh when swimming or on the beach. These body shaping suits look like a very good idea for women who are uncomfortable about the shape of the body, and may help them feel better about their body and therefore more able to engage in exercise.

  10. sabrinamou

    I truly need to initially value your exertion in assembling this incredible site and composing this article. I’m glad I found this review about the best body shaping bathing suits. All the bathing suits are very beautiful and the color of these suits are so attractive. I really like Miraclesuit Mystify underwire sweetheart neckline one-piece style. My friend loves to wear a bathing suit. This is a must-buy for my friend. This will be a great gift for my friend. I really like that because this suit color is the favorite color of my friend. Thank you so much for sharing with us such a beautiful article. Your article is really unique and informative.

  11. Evagreene

    Wow! Yet another one from tankini swimsuits, with  amazing features! I think this will be comfortable for ladies as it will bring out the perfect shapes they desired. I highly recommend this swimsuit for ladies who’s got taste for anything good. Amazing suit. Thanks to tankini suits for being consistent with quality swimsuits!

  12. Patrick

    This was super cute. My wife did some alterations on it because her breast hung out on the side and it was too revealing for her in the middle so she had one of the straps that ties around the neck put across her back and then she had it sewn up some in the middle. I made the purchase for her so I guess that was a mistake on my part. It’s lovely and great by the way. 

  13. Shimba

    Thank you for helpful article. I now understand the best body shaping known as Bathing suits and I appreciate your details. I think from your review, Miraclesuit escape one piece underwear swimsuit is what I choose to buy for my wife I hope it will not only shape her body but also feel comfortable. How do I know my wife body type?

    • Arta

      Hey there

      I am glad you have found helpful my article on the best body shaping bathing suits. I would suggest you having a look here to find a step-by-step guide on how to find a swimsuit online that looks and fits great (describing also body shapes).

      Hope this helps!


  14. Bob

    Great post. With the summer months coming my wife will go thru the annual stress of looking for a bathing suit that she’s comfortable with. She’s beautiful with a wonderful body, but I’m her husband and telling her that is important, but she still feels self conscious at the beach.Clicked thru some of the options and the suits are reasonably priced… this might save me hours of agony at the mall… thanks for posting!

  15. Christine

    My sister and I were searching for a new tankini swimsuit and we’re glad that we landed on your site.

    The Miraclesuit Escape designs look pretty and there are so many different styles. We do not know which one to choose, we want them all 🙂

    Thank you for the information.

  16. Lindsey

    These bathing suits are super cute, especially the ‘one piece high neck’ swimsuit’!  I’ve never personally bought one of these suits before but from your review they look comfy and stylish.  I love the design along the waist/stomach area, total tummy control.  That’s my cup of tea 🙂  Do you recommend any cute cover ups that would go with this swimsuit?

    • Arta

      Hey Lindsey

      We have indeed listed a great selection of different cover-ups – you are welcome to have a look here. Hope you will find your perfect one amongst those.

      If not, PLS let me know in comments and I will do my best to help you with this.

      Happy shopping, Arta

  17. Samantha

    I did not know bodysuits had so many options, colours, and patterns available. This is such a brilliantly written piece. It is going to help so many people, especially in this lockdown. All the reliable options and their important features have been explained to buy the author, which is so great. And not just this, the material of which the bodysuits are made of have also been told. So, people can choose accordingly based upon which material suits their skin type and which won’t. It is a very well written piece, I must say. 

  18. Skuchmane

    Hello dear, thanks for sharing these concise information with us, I am glad I found your post, I was doing some research when I came here, I believe these is exactly what my aunty needs, she’s into body shaping bathing suits, i believe these article will be of great help to her, thanks for the info, I’ll surely do some recommendations.

  19. edahnewton1

    Hey nice article you have there about miracle swimsuit. When it comes to me buying wears for my wife, I go for quality and designs. The miracle shaping swimsuit tends to possess these qualities, hence it has been my wife favorite swimsuit because it gives her comfort, help her to control her tummy and keep her body in shape. It has indeed proven to have value for money

  20. Eunice Zomachi

    This post is very informative, I like the fact that there are many kind of swimsuit at MIRACLESUIT, many people are really concern about their body especially in the pool were we have different sex, but many swimsuit you see in the market are either too tight or too revealing .I think this MIRACLESUIT is a dream of most women, apart from the sexy look, it also looks so comfortable and  perfect. Thanks for this site.

  21. Iheanacho David

    This is really good. My girlfriend recently added some weight and her old bathing suits does not fit her any more she has been complaining about it and right now i cannot wait to surprise her with a new one that will give her a nice figure after wearing and so she will not have a problem with bodyshaming or any of that.Cool!

  22. evans

    I must say that I’m so much happy to stumble upon such an intriguing review on the best body shape bathing suits, I did recently add up a bit and my previous swimming suit doesn’t suit me, I have been searching on where and how to get to the best body shape swimming suit I guess your article here has just given me everything I needed… thanks for sharing I look forward to making a good pick..

     have a great day..

  23. Philebur

    Hello there thanks for this insightful review it was really helpful I must say. I must say that tankini swimsuites are one of the best swimsuites in the market. I have always wanted to get swimsuites like this but it has always been really been tough. I will sure make a purchase from the links posted in this website. They are really nice.

  24. Thousand

    Hello over there, it is always a nice visiting your site Anyways I want to say a big thanks to you for sharing this insightful and amazing piece on the best body shaping suits.. It is very correct to say that body shaping bathing suits are godsend to women, it has really helped so many looked and remain so young and fresh..

    I must confess these bathing suits are really very beautiful and sexy and would really yield results.

  25. hillarydandy

    Interesting article. Thanks for reviewing these fascinating swimsuits. I should probably order one of these for my partner this summer, she’s an amazing swimmer and the coming summer holidays are certainly the ideal time to go swimming. I’m pretty sure she will love them. I’ll keep checking our website for more amazing womenwears.

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