Best Bathing Suit for Broad Shoulders

Best Bathing Suit for Broad Shoulders – 4 Rules to Follow to Balance Them Out

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Best Bathing Suit for Broad Shoulders

Best bathing suit for broad shoulders is the one either balancing them out or driving attention to some other parts of your body. The main thing to avoid is making the shoulders look even broader.

By no means should broad shoulders considered as a flaw or cons of your body. It is the way you are and the way nature has created you. But nature has also programmed us to consider symmetry as perfection.

And there are 4 simple rules to follow to achieve the best possible result.

Best Bathing Suit for Broad Shoulders – Balance Out Your Body

To begin with perhaps you are not sure whether or not you have wide shoulders. There are 3 signs indicating your shoulders might be broad:

  • Your hips are narrower than your shoulders
  • You sometimes experience blazers and jackets fitting too tight on the back
  • You have noticed shoulder seams sitting closer to your neck rather than landing right at your shoulders
Best Bathing Suit for Broad Shoulders

So how to balance out your wide shoulders with a help of swimwear?

It is as simple as that – you need to find a bathing suit capable of breaking up the neckline visually and downplaying wide shoulders. This involves but is not limited to one-shoulder designs, strap-games, side cut-outs or alluring head-turning patterns.

To make it easier we have distinguished 4 main rules to follow when shopping for a bathing suit for broad shoulders. Keeping these in mind will lead you to getting the swimsuit flattering your broad shoulders and making you feel great while on the beach.

4 Rules to Find the Perfect Bathing Suit for Broad Shoulders

As mentioned above, it is all about making you looking symmetrical.

This can be achieved by knowing the styles and patterns complementing your wide shoulders and making them appear smaller.

Rule Nr 1: Avoid Bandeau – Go for Straps
Best Bathing Suit for Broad Shoulders

First and the most important rule is to avoid bandeau or strapless bathing suit pattern. Overall being a very graceful and feminine bandeau style makes shoulders look wider. As a result, it is a no-go solution for you.

Best Bathing Suit for Broad Shoulders

The only exception is to choose bandeau swimsuits with removable straps – then you can enjoy the benefits of bandeau style while tanning without compromising your beach outlook during beach activities. Whether it is comfortable or not to attach and detach the straps all the time – well, this is up to you to decide 🙂

What does help you here are halter top swimsuits as they tend to make the shoulders visually more narrow.

In addition, halter top drives all the attention to your face drawing it away from your shoulders. The straps divide your wide shoulders into pieces making them appear not so wide.

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Also, any other swimsuit top with straps will do the trick by breaking up the neckline and driving the attention to the straps instead of your shoulders. Just make sure the straps form the overturned V visually narrowing the upper part of your body thus.

Rule Nr 2: Lengthen Your Torso – Choose V-Neckline
Best Bathing Suit for Broad Shoulders

V-neck bathing suits work well for you and the deeper the V, the better for you as it gets all of the attention driving it away from the upper part of your body. V-neck works length-wise and not width-wise so your shoulders are going to look narrower.

Best Bathing Suit for Broad Shoulders

To intensify the effect of the V-neckline you can opt for a bathing suit with design details along with it.

Other necklines flattering wide shoulders are scoop, halter, wide strap necklines.

You should avoid square necklines as they will make your shoulders look even wider.

The off-the-shoulder neckline is another no-go choice for broad shoulders.

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Rule Nr 3: Play with Colors – Combine Dark Top with Bright Bottom
Bathing suit for broad shoulders

As you most likely know dark colors are the one slimming the most. If combined with bright colors they are a perfect camouflager.

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Bathing suit for broad shoulders

Try to mix and match a dark colored top of the swimsuit with bright colored bottoms. This will do both drives the attention downwards and balances out your body by making your hips appear wider and your shoulders – narrower.

And it is not only black shade that can be used here. You can go for navy, charcoal, dark green or some other dark color tone.

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Rule Nr 4: Add Curves
Halter Top Swimsuits

Broad shoulders are usually associated with athletes and, want it or not, with men. Therefore you should highlight your femininity by accentuating your curves or if you don’t have them – by adding them.

One of the solutions is a swimsuit featuring cut-outs at the sides. This choice emphasizes your curves and creates an illusion of an hourglass shape.

If you have small breasts, do not hesitate to go for padded swimsuits as your chest section is softened and your silhouette is rounded out thus. Push up tankini could be a great option here.

Skirted One Piece Swimsuits

Bathing suit with skirt will add volume to the lower part of your body by balancing our your wide shoulders. The best choice would be A-Line skirt that doesn’t hug your body tight but rather floats away from it.

Tiered tankini top can also help you in adding some curves as ruffles down the torso will make it look wider at the bottom and smaller at the top.

So it is all about the right balance – nature loves symmetry and so do humans. The best bathing suit for broad shoulders will give you the balance so you can enjoy your time on the beach.

To sum up:

Best Bathing Suit For Broad Shoulders

So which is your favorite bathing suit? Do you follow any rules when shopping for swimwear? Share your experience and knowledge so we can benefit from it.