Best Bathing Suit for Broad Shoulders

Best Bathing Suit for Broad Shoulders – 4 Rules to Follow to Balance Them Out

Best Bathing Suit for Broad Shoulders

Best bathing suit for broad shoulders is the one either balancing them out or driving attention to some other parts of your body. The main thing to avoid is making the shoulders look even broader.

By no means should broad shoulders considered as a flaw or cons of your body. It is the way you are and the way nature has created you. But nature has also programmed us to consider symmetry as perfection.

And there are 4 simple rules to follow to achieve the best possible result.

Best Bathing Suit for Broad Shoulders – Balance Out Your Body

To begin with perhaps you are not sure whether or not you have wide shoulders. There are 3 signs indicating your shoulders might be broad:

  • Your hips are narrower than your shoulders
  • You sometimes experience blazers and jackets fitting too tight on the back
  • You have noticed shoulder seams sitting closer to your neck rather than landing right at your shoulders
Best Bathing Suit for Broad Shoulders

So how to balance out your wide shoulders with a help of swimwear?

It is as simple as that – you need to find a bathing suit capable of breaking up the neckline visually and downplaying wide shoulders. This involves but is not limited to one-shoulder designs, strap-games, side cut-outs or alluring head-turning patterns.

To make it easier we have distinguished 4 main rules to follow when shopping for a bathing suit for broad shoulders. Keeping these in mind will lead you to getting the swimsuit flattering your broad shoulders and making you feel great while on the beach.

4 Rules to Find the Perfect Bathing Suit for Broad Shoulders

As mentioned above, it is all about making you looking symmetrical.

This can be achieved by knowing the styles and patterns complementing your wide shoulders and making them appear smaller.

Rule Nr 1: Avoid Bandeau – Go for Straps
Best Bathing Suit for Broad Shoulders

First and the most important rule is to avoid bandeau or strapless bathing suit pattern. Overall being a very graceful and feminine bandeau style makes shoulders look wider. As a result, it is a no-go solution for you.

Best Bathing Suit for Broad Shoulders

The only exception is to choose bandeau swimsuits with removable straps – then you can enjoy the benefits of bandeau style while tanning without compromising your beach outlook during beach activities. Whether it is comfortable or not to attach and detach the straps all the time – well, this is up to you to decide 🙂

What does help you here are halter top swimsuits as they tend to make the shoulders visually more narrow.

In addition, halter top drives all the attention to your face drawing it away from your shoulders. The straps divide your wide shoulders into pieces making them appear not so wide.

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Also, any other swimsuit top with straps will do the trick by breaking up the neckline and driving the attention to the straps instead of your shoulders. Just make sure the straps form the overturned V visually narrowing the upper part of your body thus.

Rule Nr 2: Lengthen Your Torso – Choose V-Neckline
Best Bathing Suit for Broad Shoulders

V-neck bathing suits work well for you and the deeper the V, the better for you as it gets all of the attention driving it away from the upper part of your body. V-neck works length-wise and not width-wise so your shoulders are going to look narrower.

Best Bathing Suit for Broad Shoulders

To intensify the effect of the V-neckline you can opt for a bathing suit with design details along with it.

Other necklines flattering wide shoulders are scoop, halter, wide strap necklines.

You should avoid square necklines as they will make your shoulders look even wider.

The off-the-shoulder neckline is another no-go choice for broad shoulders.

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Rule Nr 3: Play with Colors – Combine Dark Top with Bright Bottom
Bathing suit for broad shoulders

As you most likely know dark colors are the one slimming the most. If combined with bright colors they are a perfect camouflager.

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Bathing suit for broad shoulders

Try to mix and match a dark colored top of the swimsuit with bright colored bottoms. This will do both drives the attention downwards and balances out your body by making your hips appear wider and your shoulders – narrower.

And it is not only black shade that can be used here. You can go for navy, charcoal, dark green or some other dark color tone.

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Rule Nr 4: Add Curves
Halter Top Swimsuits

Broad shoulders are usually associated with athletes and, want it or not, with men. Therefore you should highlight your femininity by accentuating your curves or if you don’t have them – by adding them.

One of the solutions is a swimsuit featuring cut-outs at the sides. This choice emphasizes your curves and creates an illusion of an hourglass shape.

If you have small breasts, do not hesitate to go for padded swimsuits as your chest section is softened and your silhouette is rounded out thus. Push up tankini could be a great option here.

Skirted One Piece Swimsuits

Bathing suit with skirt will add volume to the lower part of your body by balancing our your wide shoulders. The best choice would be A-Line skirt that doesn’t hug your body tight but rather floats away from it.

Tiered tankini top can also help you in adding some curves as ruffles down the torso will make it look wider at the bottom and smaller at the top.

So it is all about the right balance – nature loves symmetry and so do humans. The best bathing suit for broad shoulders will give you the balance so you can enjoy your time on the beach.

To sum up:

Best Bathing Suit For Broad Shoulders

So which is your favorite bathing suit? Do you follow any rules when shopping for swimwear? Share your experience and knowledge so we can benefit from it.

18 thoughts on “Best Bathing Suit for Broad Shoulders – 4 Rules to Follow to Balance Them Out

  1. Bea

    Thanks for this interesting post. I have learnt a lot from your site. I now understand why straps would work better. I know you mentioned to combine black top with bright skirt or shorts. Does this only apply to people with broad shoulders? Out of all the designs, I think I’ll have to choose the halter top swim suit. I have a few of them and I receive lots of compliments when I wear them. Thanks again.

    • Hi Bea

      I am glad you have found my article helpful and that you have learnt how to flatter wide shoulders in a swimming suit. Black top with bright bottom drives the attention to the bottom and balances out wider upper part of the body. Therefore, if you are bigger on the bottom than on the top you should do it vice versa – meaning you should combine bright swimsuit top with solid preferably dark bottom.
      Cheers, Arta

  2. Mara

    There are some great tips here. I am broad shouldered and find it difficult to find dresses that fit well, due to tightness across the back and rib cage, and then they are loose around my bottom half! It’s the same with buying a swimsuit, and one of the reasons I like shops who sell separate pieces. This was I can select a larger top piece, and smaller bottoms! I like what you have said about the halter neck, as I’ve always found that to quite flattering on my shape.

    • Hi Mara

      I am glad you have found my tips on choosing the best bathing suit for broad shoulders helpful.
      It is a great advantage if a retailer offers an opportunity to get top and bottom in different sizes. It is appreciated by many women. Halter top swimsuits flatter broad shoulders so it is a great choice to make your shoulders appear narrower.

      Happy shopping, Arta

  3. Amy

    Halter tops! I wish I had known that all these years as I struggle every summer to get a bathing suit that looks right. I see what you mean that wearing a halter top makes the shoulders look smaller and accentuates the face instead of drawing attention to my shoulders!

    I also like the idea of a dark top and bright bottom which also draws attention away from my shoulders. But my favorite is the swimsuit with the cut-out at the sides, which is great for drawing the eye to other places other than my shoulders!

    I will be stopping back for more suggestions! Now I have a focus and know what to look for as we get into swimming weather!

    • Hi Amy

      I am glad you have found my article about the best bathing suit for broad shoulders helpful. Cut-out bathing suit is really nice and will add up to your outstanding beach outlook.

      Cheers, Arta

  4. Katie

    I have somewhat broad shoulders but didn’t realize it until recently. I used to wonder why I didn’t look good in strapless dresses and swimsuits. I’m glad you mentioned halter tops because those really do work for broad shouldered ladies! I really like to pink suit (last one) and haven’t seen anything like that. I wonder if it would look weird once it got wet?

    • Hey Katie

      I am glad you have found helpful my article about the best bathing suit for broad shoulders. The pink swimdress looks really cute and feminine.
      We have reviewed the beautiful sorbet underwire swimdress basing on analysis of reviews of women who have bought the bathing suit. No one has complained about the swimdress looking weird when wet – it is said that the material of this bathing suit is thick and stretchy but the swimsuit is not stretching out when wet.

      Happy shopping, Arta

  5. stella

    HI, You have provided me with some good information about swimsuits. I have always found Picking out swimsuits for the season very stressful. If it’s not a problem with the top, then it’s the bottom or vice versa. I have small breast which makes it more stressful when trying to pick the right swimsuit for me. I do like halter tops though, they make me look beautiful. I will be buying more of that in the future.

    • Hej Stella

      I am glad you have found my tips for the best swimsuit choices for broad shoulders helpful. You are welcome to check the article on the best swimsuits for small busted women. I hope you will find it helpful too – in case any question arise – do not hesitate to leave a comment and I will come back to you.

      Cheers, Arta

  6. Wendy

    I think I will be getting a halter top style swimsuit or perhaps a v neck. My body shape has changed a bit sits I lost weight. I used to be very curvey, now I seem to be all shoulders. 🙁 So I am going to try out your tips when I pick out a new suit this year. It should be fun now that I am down 5 sizes.

    • Hey Wendy

      Halter style swimsuits are proven to fit and flatter nearly any body so it is, without doubt, a great choice. It is always a fantastic feeling to reach our aims, especially when it comes to losing weight. So I am really happy for you and glad that you found my tips helpful. I hope you will find your best swimsuit for broad shoulders to have a lot of fun on the beach.

      Take care, Arta

  7. Darci

    Every bit of this! So true! 

    I have a short torso and my shoulders are a bit broad, and not only have i noticed that all of these rules apply to swimsuits, but also to clothing! 

    Every bandeau i have ever tried on was awful on me, and halter tops almost always look great! V-Neck is also extremely helpful. 

    I wasn’t aware that wearing a darker swimsuit top would help, but I’ll be excited to try it!

    I’m so glad to finally find some information that helpful to women like me who don’t have narrow shoulders!

    Thanks for the helpful information 


  8. Dhayours

    I must commend you for taking your time to share this interesting post.this article is really a must read for everyone , people with broad-shoulder sometimes do find it difficult to see clothes that suite them and this article has really done justice to that. Your site is really helpful and I will keep following you to get more updates. Thanks for sharing this information

  9. Harry

    I have been looking for a bathing suit for my girlfriend for a while now because she has her birthday two days before we leave for vacation.

    She has a very athletic body, with broad shoulders (she is a swimmer) but she is relatively short.

    What kind of bathing suit would you recommend for her?

    • Arta

      Hey Harry

      You would need to follow the rules mentioned in the article to get the right swimsuit for your girlfriend but as she is petite a few additional tips should be kept in mind (by assuming that usually, petites wish to visually lengthen the body).

      1. A swimsuit with vertical print will visually lengthen the body.

      2. A lower cut neckline makes the body look longer.

      3. High cut bottoms make the legs look longer and lengthen the body.

      Hope this helps, Arta

  10. Igor

    Hi Arta!

    As I can see you specialized on swimwear for the women of all kind. I am not an expert in this field thus your articles are very informative to me. Unfortunately, I am not the right prospect for your products but other women are. It is great to see that there are various designs and kind of swimwear to suit many different interested women.

    We know how women can be “sensitive” when speaking about the proper wearing (clothes and shoes), not only about swimwear.

    Wish you massive success,


  11. Paul

    Hi, Arta.

    Great post on how maximize beach appeal and comfort by focusing on the proper style and fit of swimwear. 

    The accompanying photos help in showing how one swimsuit style is superior to the other when the primary focus is on a wide-shouldered body. 

    Easy to follow and well prescribed solutions to this body type, make your post a pleasant read. 

    Thanks, Paul

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