Beach Sarongs Cover Ups

Beach Sarongs Cover Ups – Our Collection of Chic Pareos

Let's sOCEANize :)

Beach sarongs cover ups also called pareo cover ups are the most versatile piece of clothing. Any body shape can benefit from sarong as long as properly tied and the right emphasis is put.

Beach Sarongs Cover Ups – The Most Versatile Type of Beach Cover Ups

There are many ways to tie pareo cover-ups – just let your imagination to work. Or you are welcome to check the below video for instructions on how to tie beach sarong cover ups in 20 different ways flattering each body shape and each wish.

Our Top Choice of Beach Sarongs Cover Ups – Gottex Rainbow Goddess Pareo

Beach Sarongs Cover Ups

ProductGottex Rainbow Goddess Pareo

Price: $ 198

Features: Made of 100% Silk, Loose Fit, Matching Bathing Suits Available, Maxi Pareo

This luxury and exotic Gottex Rainbow Goddess Pareo is a complete hit. The transparency adds up to your sexy allure.

The beach sarong cover up is made of pure silk. Even though many of us are afraid of silk material mainly due to caring about it, I would like to say that all the advantages the silk offers prevail this one disadvantage. But for sure it is up to you to decide.

Gottex Rainbow Goddess Pareo
  • Quality
  • Size/Fit
  • Price
  • Performance



  • Pure Silk
  • High Quality
  • Matching Bathing Suit Available



  • Only Hand Wash or Dry Clean
User Review
4.63 (8 votes)

I would like to refer to silk as to the king of materials. This natural material has been evaluated through centuries and there is a reason for that. The absorbency and insulation qualities of silk are perfect for the function of beach sarong cover ups.

Silk is well-known for its absorbency property leading to extreme comfort and pleasure to wear it in hot weather. Besides that, this material is also low conductive so if it gets cold on the beach, silk will keep it warm inside. Silk is resistant to deformation with the main provision of proper care. And last but not least, silk is able to protect your from a lot of insects, for instance, mosquitoes and horseflies, as they are not able to pierce this material.

If talking about caring instructions of silk material, you can either hand-wash or dry clean it. If you opt for hand-wash, make sure to use special silk shampoos or very mild soap (such as baby soaps) and wash the sarong quickly. Do not keep it in water for more than 5 minutes. In order to rinse your sarong, mix cold water with a teaspoon of white vinegar. Lightly move sarong in the water. Gently roll your sarong in a dry towel to get rid of water and afterwards lay it flat to dry.

Learn here how to remove sunscreen stains, also from your silk cover-up.

==> Get Your Luxury Gottex Rainbow Goddess Pareo  Here <==

You can pair this outstanding beach sarong cover up with the following bathing suits:

Beach Sarongs Cover Ups
Beach Sarongs Cover Ups

Other Choices of Pareo Cover Ups – Our Selection for Fun on the Beach

Beach Sarongs Cover Ups

Product: Gottex Silk Pareo Radiance

Features: Made of 100% Non-Transparent Silk, Matching Bathing Suits Available, Maxi Pareo, Available in Other Design

Beach Sarongs Cover Ups

These appealing Gottex beach sarongs cover ups will finish your outlook in a very kittenish yet glamor manner.

Women who have bought this sarong evaluate the light touch of silk material. It is said to cause luxury senses. Vivid colors and attractive designs are emphasized.

The only flaw is the caring for the material but as previously described we do believe all the advantages of the material predominate this one.

Beach Sarongs Cover Ups

Product: PilyQ Fleur Ava Sarong

Features: Semi-Sheer, Matching Bathing Suits Available

These sexy and stylish PilyQ pareos cover-ups are made of very lightweight material and will complement any body shape. They can be tied in many different ways or even used as a scarf.

Light colored sarong has metallic thread weaved into the fabric for a sparkle effect.

Women who have bought PilyQ beach sarong cover ups state these being of high quality, stylish and durable. PilyQ uses only the finest Spanish and Italian fabrics that are carefully selected for their garments so you will not be disappointed.

Beach Sarongs Cover Ups

Product: Beach Belle Mystic Swimsuit with Sarong

Price: $ 72

Features: Swim One Piece with Matching Sarong, Shelf Bra, Soft Cups, Wire Free, Power Mesh Tummy Control Lining

In case you would prefer buying a set to avoid matching troubles, it is also no problem. This Beach Belle swimsuit set includes swim one piece with matching sarong.

Women who have bought this bathing suit set admire the beautiful bright colors and great quality of it. The support and coverage is evaluated. The material of bathing suit is said to be thick and qualitative. Some say the sarong is made of delicate fabric and dries quickly. Majority loves this beautiful set.

However, it is said to fit larger than actual size so you should double check sizing chart for more accurate decision. One customer believes the sarong is flimsy and some other says the size of sarong is not matched to the size of the suit. Few women state the straps being slightly loose so not staying at their place. One customer says the color of the suit is more purple and bright blue than on the photo.

We hope you have managed to find your perfect beach sarongs cover ups!

But maybe some other type of women swimsuit cover ups is more suitable for you?

25 thoughts on “Beach Sarongs Cover Ups – Our Collection of Chic Pareos

  1. ryan narine

    i like this site, its well lay out, easy on the eye, very social friendly, there’s videos lay out, look like the user did a lot of research into this niche. very specific regarding its niche.there’s promotions, deals, reviews, well though out website, which would motivate me to buy a product, overall this website is likable and i give it a 5 out of 5 stars

    • Hey Ryan
      Thank you for the positive feedback on my website. I do hope manhy women and men will find it helpful when looking for bathing suits.
      Have a nice day!


  2. Kavinah

    These beach sarongs are a great idea for people who don’t like to wear swimsuits. I like the various styles you can make from these. i do feel that that price is too high and that other materials can be used to achieve the same results.
    Having said that the material is silk and they usually are highly priced.
    Thanks for sharing the post. It is a great niche.

    • Hey,
      Silk is quite expensive – that is true but there is a reason for that as described in the article. There are some man-made materials similar to silk but none of them has all of the features silk offers. For instance, trilobal polyester is very similar to silk, but it has considerably less range of temperature comfort. Also rayon is similar to silk but it is much lesser breathable than silk.
      Silk is durable and long lasting material possesing a lot of comfort-oriented charecteristics so it is worth considering to include it in any wardrobe.
      By the way, I have heard many people succeeding washing silk garments in washing machine gently. I have done it by myself too and nothing happened to the garment 🙂
      Cheers, Arta

  3. Eva

    Loved this post especially the video showing ways to tie a sarong. Who knew that there were so many different way to tie one and that by doing so could take your simple sarong and turn it into something more than a beach coverup. I’ll definitely be taking my new found skills to the beach this summer.

    • Hey Eva

      Sarong is a very versatile beach cover up – it is just a matter of knowing how to tie it in different ways as shown in the video. So by buying one sarong you actually buy 20 different outfits 🙂 A pretty good deal, I think 🙂

      Cheers, Arta

  4. Louis

    Nice collection of beach sarongs you’ve got here. All looking casual with a touch of class. I know every classy woman would love to add one or two of these to their closet. With summer coming soon, buying one if these now would really be a wise decision. Nice article, regards

  5. Michel

    I love sarongs, and when I was younger I used to try and invent new ways of wearing them. I’m not that creative anymore, and I don’t need to be, as I can just Google it and many different ways come up.

    The silk sarong (Gottex Rainbow) is beautiful and I especially love the two different shades of blue.

    I also like the idea of buying a swimsuit with a matching sarong. This looks really glamorous. The stripey one shown is stunning.

    Sarongs are also very flattering on all figure types and hide the imperfections that every woman is worried about. Very few women want to walk around in just a swimsuit with no cover-up. 

  6. Christian

    Although I do not personally wear Sarongs (lol) this is a very informative site on those important beach cover ups! I like the video to on how to tie a Sarong. I feel like my girlfriend will be kind of surprised when I tell her how to tie them :). Lots of good info and options for purchasing a fine Sarong. Good work!

  7. ajibola40

    Thanks for writing this article on beach sarongs cover up. It so full of information and I also find it educative because this is my first time of reading an article on the benefit of using silk materials for beach sarongs.i have many other materials been use for beach sarongs too..looking at all the  beach sarongs made of silk in this article, I seems to love pilyq fleur ava sarong is so sexy and nice.

  8. Misty Outdoors

    I have had two kids so I definitely appreciated this article on Sarongs. I have places on my body now that shouldn’t be showing. I have one Sarong now that is fairly short and black and I don’t wear it all anymore.  However, I really like the Gottex Rainbow Goddess Pareo. I have actually never seen a Sarong like this one before. 

    I am only 5’3 so I’m a little bit concerned about the length. And normally, I would never think about wearing Silk swimming, but it’s very classic look. I love going to the Beach with my kids (San Diego) and this would be perfect.

  9. Fortune

    Thanks for sharing this article on beach sarongs coverup. This is an amazing post with a video showing various ways in tying a sarong. It’s amazing and interesting to know that there are different ways to tie a sarong and even get more than a beach coverup thereafter. I am sure I have learnt something new in tying a sarong. The video is really helpful. Thanks alot. 

  10. Adamu2

    I absolutely love this insightful article because it is full of great information. This is fascinating and interesting to me.beach sarongs cover ups is kind or suits that beautify woman when swimming. The price are pocket friendly and those size,colour are also good. I watched the video and it really amaze me on 20 ways to tie sarong cover ups.Thanks for taking your time to discover this niches. Best regards 

  11. Alblue

    Well me and my sisters are planning to go to Bali Beach around next month. They aren’t fond with swimsuits, so beach sarong will be a very good choice to wear there. But the price is quite high 🙁 Any current deal in Amazon or maybe you can recommend other beach-related need online store with affordable price? Thank you.

    • Arta

      Hey there

      The silk beach sarong cover up is quite expensive but as described in the article – there is a reason for this 🙂 However, if you are not ready to pay for those reasons, just have a look at the collection of cheaper pareos at the end of the article.

      Happy shopping and enjoy your time in Bali!


  12. AmDetermined

    Your post about the list of  best sarong is very unique and I find it at the accurate time that I have been thinking about what to present for my girl friend next month, I will love the beach belle mystic swim.suit which cost $72 on my girlfriend, I will be applying buying it through your link on your website.

    i will be sharing your post on my social media so that she can see where I got the idea of her gift.

  13. Kevin And Jade

    Thank you for this post. 

    I must admit, I have a love-hate relationship with silk. I hate how sensitive a material it is in terms of care (and the price tag lol) but oh my goodness, the texture is delicious on the skin, it’s hypo-allergenic, protective and practically thermal.

    Now, I have products on my future shopping list that would be perfect for the tropical vacation I’ll be taking in a few months. 🙂

    Thanks again.

  14. Samikingss

    These designs are beautiful, I’d love to order some for my girl. 

    I think they are overly expensive though. 

    I need to show her these things so that she can pick her choice and I get it for her. 

    We are out going type of people and she loves beaches a lot, it will be nice for her to add some more beach outfits to her collection. 

    I think other ladies out there will benefit greatly from this post.

  15. RazvanIlie

    Thanks a lot for such an amazing review about Beach Sarongs Cover Ups Our Collection of Chic Pareos and explanation are given.

    I have been looking for beach sarongs for my 13 year old girl because I do not like to wear a swimsuit. I have read many articles about this, but this is the best I have read. I will definitely buy her a beach sarongs.

    Thanks again for this post!

  16. Parameter

    I love your reference for silk as the king of material. Its ability to keep the body cools against external heat. Considering Gottex silk pareo radiance, from your review it is 100% silk and not transparent. On checking it on amazon via your link, I can see different shapes and the prices are affordable. This will make a good gift for my wife this valentine

  17. Jomata

    Hello, Thank you so much for posting  such an informative post, with such friendly but yet detailed writing, I understand that that a lot of conscious, calculated and delibrate effort have been put into this. You just made my search for a swimsuit for my pregnancy wife easy. I like this and I hope to see more of these here.

  18. Sharon

    Wow!!!!…….. I love this beach saronge…. They are really nice, the video was quite intriging, I love the various styles one can make from them and also I have found myself a new skill all thanks to this article  ….. Beach sarong are really great ideas for people who don’t like swim suits…. I would have love to get one for myself though…. But its quite expensive. 

    • Arta

      Hey Sharon

      The price is high but it is totally worth it – the natural silk is the perfect material for summer! It feels and looks luxury by ensuring the needed comfort with the regulation of the body temperature.

      Cheers, Arta

  19. edahnewton1

    This is the exact designs my wife would love to have, during our  visit to the beach after the lockdown. Questions that seeks for answers to me are: what is the cost for Gottex silk, is it possible to order just to pairs, can you offer delivery service ofor two pairs, what is the maximum time to have goods delivered ?.

    • Arta

      Hey there

      The price for the silk sarong is high but as also explained in the article – it is worth it. It lasts long, performs well by regulating the body temperature and pampers its wearer. This is the case when the luxurious outlook is combined with high function by being all in all natural.

      Cheers, Arta

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