Bathing Suits Women Over 40 Choose

Bathing Suits Women Over 40 Choose – Selection of the Top Picks

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Bathing Suits Women Over 40

If you asked me which types of the bathing suits women over 40 could choose I would most likely answer: all of them. And it is due to the fact that I believe age is just a number and each body is beautiful as it is at any age. It is nature and we have to accept it.

However, I also clearly see that majority of bodies do change within years (also mine 🙂 ) so it just goes without saying that there are certain types of bathing suits preferred by women over 40. So we are going to look at the bathing suits women over 40 tend to choose and discuss what are the things to pay attention to when choosing a swimsuit.

Bathing Suits Women Over 40 Choose – When Juvenility Meats Maturity

Bathing Suits Women Over 40

I have always emphasized that we are as young or old as we feel. So to begin with, I would like to encourage you to take it easy 🙂 I know sometimes it is easy said and hard done especially when years have played with your body. But as long as you accept the changes, also others will. So at the end – it is all up to you.

Luckily for us, there is a vast range of different types of bathing suits and even more luckily there are also many different features designers include in a swimwear to make us look and feel better.

Without doubt, also color and material matters so we will look into the tips on how to make the right choice color-, material- and style-wise to glow in your 40-ies.

So What to Pay Your Attention to When Looking for a Bathing Suit at Your 40-ies?

Bathing Suits Women Over 40

So there are five main things you should pay your attention to when choosing a bathing suit:

  • color
  • material
  • neckline
  • features
  • style

Let’s now go through the process of choosing the best bathing suit for a woman over 40 – step by step.

STEP Nr 1: Swimsuit Color Tips – Determining the Right Color for Your Beach Costume

Bathing Suits Women Over 40

It is easy with color – I guess you at your 40-ies know what color suits you 🙂 It is the same with swimsuit- you should focus on finding a bathing suit in a color flattering the tone of your skin. So let me mention few general tips on swimsuit color choice to make the bathing suit work for you and not against you.

There are few colors suitable to nearly any skin tone. These are the brilliant shades of blue and darker shades of pink, such as vibrant navy, electric blue, royal blue, marina teal, coral, fuchsia, purple.

If your skin is pale, you should avoid wearing black and white as these colors will make you look sick and even more pale than you are. Nevertheless, as soon as you have got some tan these colors are a great choice as they will highlight your tan. Also if your skin is dark, black and white swimsuit will look great on you.

STEP Nr 2: Swimsuit Material Tips – Identifying the Right Material for Your Bathing Suit

Bathing Suits Women Over 40

The material of your bathing suit is very important and it must be good. The quality and look of the material is directly related to the way you will look in your swimsuit.

Shiny material is going to accentuate bulges and midriff love handles one could have.

Different prints (floral, animal, abstract, splashy, swirly) act as camouflage for your flaws around the torso.

Another great way of concealing any cons around your tummy involve ruching, shirring, and use of a textured material.

STEP Nr 3: Swimsuit Neckline Tips – Deciding the Right Neckline for Your Swimming Suit

Bathing Suits Women Over 40

It is extremely important to choose the right type of neckline for your bathing suit as it can either boil or spoil your beach outlook. There are many different necklines so it is about making the right choice flattering your body and mind.

V-Neckline is a good choice for nearly any women whether having smooth, not very wrinkled decollete or not caring for the wrinkles at all. This type of neckline also reveals cleavage to a certain extent. Besides that, it tends to attract the attention driving it away from the problem areas beneath.

Bathing Suits Women Over 40

High Neck, in its turn, is a great tool for covering up your decollete and cleavage yet looking stylish and sophisticated. For a more fashionable outlook go for a high neck with crochet or macrame detailing.

Boat neck or bateau neck is something in between deep v-neck and high neck running across from one shoulder to the other. This type of neckline widens your shoulders balancing out the difference between upper and bottom part of the body in pear shaped women. The same visual effect can be reached with a halter and racerback styles.

Scoop or Square neck will flatter women with wide shoulders and narrower hips as this type of neckline visually cuts down the shoulder line making them look smaller.

Sweetheart neck is cut low at the front, high at the back and features curved shape reminding a shape of the heart. This type of neckline reveals your decollete so all the attention is gathered there and driven away from your tummy thus.

Halter Tankini Swimsuits

Halter top swimsuits flatter majority of women. This type of neckline tends to draw attention to the upper part of your body. It reveals your decollete and cleavage. However, it is also a functional type of neckline as it allows you to adjust the breast support and lift according to your needs.

Bandeau top swimsuits add up to the grace and elegance on the beach highlighting your femininity. Bandeau necklines used to be a privilege of small breasted women. Nevertheless, thanks to the modern technologies and contemporary solutions bandeau necklines have become a popular choice of swimsuits for big busted women, as well.

STEP Nr 4: Swimsuit Features – Defining the Right Features for Your Swimsuit

Bathing suits women over 40

You most likely are aware of many different features a swimsuit is able to offer. So it is time to define the features you need for your bathing suit after your 40-ies.

First thing to consider relates to bust support – whether you need increased support or rather some “visual improvement” 🙂

Big busted women would wish to consider underwire bathing suits for maximum support. Another good solution is a swimsuit with a built-in bra. You should pay your attention to the thickness of straps – the thicker the straps the better the support.

Bathing suits women over 40

If you have small breasts, you could consider either some push-up or padded swimsuit. Push up tankini is a great choice for women over 40 looking for not only bust enhancement but also increased coverage.

You should also think whether or not you need to control or shape your tummy. We have already investigated this topic and our findings can be found in our article about tummy control bathing suits.

STEP Nr 5: Swimsuit Style – Choosing the Right Style for Your Bathing Suit

Bathing Suits Women Over 40

While there are women feeling comfortable in a bikini at any age, many women look for increased coverage after reaching a certain age. There are different wishes for coverage but any wish has a proper solution.

It is easier than ever to cover your hips, thighs, tummy and backside so this is one of the first things to do – you need to decide the level of the coverage you wish to have and choose the proper type of bathing suit.

Bathing suits women over 40

The most classic choice would be one piece swimsuit. I know the first impression is …. boring but it is not the case anymore. Nowadays, one piece swimsuits are re-born to more stylish, alluring and intriguing pieces of swimwear than their predecessors a few decades before. You are welcome to check out our collection of sexy one piece bathing suits for your inspiration.

When it comes to increased coverage my personal swimsuit favorites are tankini bathing suits. This type of bathing suit offers a great level of coverage without compromising comfort. We have already looked into different types of tankini swimsuits and created a collection for each type by picking the styles loved and evaluated by real customers.

Another option for increased coverage refers to bathing suit with skirt. We have discussed all three types of skirted bathing suits so you are welcome to have a look at the collections.

Swimsuit Cover Ups – Finish Your Beach Outlook in a Style

Bathing suits Women Over 40

Once the hard job is done and the bathing suit is chosen it is time to think about finishing your beach outfit in a proper manner. And this is where swimsuit cover ups come in the game. But they are here not only to finish your outlook but also to make it easier to navigate back and forth 🙂

Whether going to or returning from the beach, doing some shopping, having a cold drink in a local cafe or just lounging around beach cover up will make your day. We have discussed women swimsuit cover ups before and created a collection for each type of the beach cover-up.

It is never easy to find the right bathing suit but if you have defined your demands it could get a way easier. We have also tried to help you by picking the best styles in each category and creating our collections of swimsuits favored by women who have bought them. So these are the tested styles and preferred choices of other women who have found their perfect swimsuits the hard way.

So now it is your turn and we wish you luck 🙂

Have you managed to define your perfect bathing suit for women over 40? What should it embody? Do not hesitate to contact us if you need some further help!

24 thoughts on “Bathing Suits Women Over 40 Choose – Selection of the Top Picks

  1. FranMcK

    I am looking for summer clothes at the moment and swimsuits are top of my list. I am not over 40 but I love checking out new styles and I am actually really enjoying the selection you have here. I love the print of the red and blue floral. Great article, I really like your site.

    • Arta

      Hey Fran

      Nice to meet you again 🙂 And happy to read you have liked my selection again – seems we are on the same wave 🙂

      Anyway, I hope my article about the bathing suits for women over 40 will help many women during the hard way of finding the perfect swimsuit. If you have any further question, do not hesitate to ask!


  2. Jen

    Tankini swimsuits are my favorite, they make me feel sexy yet still cover enough that I still feel comfortable. I agree that halter swim tops are flattering on many women. A well supported top is also key without showing too much cleavage. I like the ones with built in bras because I really need that support as my body ages. Thanks for the helpful blog post.

    • Hey Jen

      Welcome in the club of tankini lovers 🙂 Support is the key for many women. Underwire tankini swimsuits ensure increased support so it could be one of the choices you are looking for.

      Happy shopping, Arta

  3. Jackie

    What an excellent post.
    I’m about to go on holiday and need a couple of swimsuits for the beach.
    I’m an avid swimmer but wanted something a little more elegant for the beach than my ‘functional’ pool suits.
    I love the ‘ruching’ one on your page but love the suits with skirts on your other page.
    I shall definitely be looking at these for my hols.
    Thanks for the help

    • Hey Jackie

      I am glad you have found my article about bathing suits for women over 40 helpful and I am even more glad you liked our swimsuit collections. In case you need some help with finding the right bathing suit, do not hesitate to ask. There are countless options of elegant swimwear out there so some guidance could be helpful 🙂

      Happy shopping, Arta

  4. Judith

    Nice to see the determination of what suit to where has been put into steps, that are clear and easily followed.
    I’m not quite sure what ruching and shirring is. How does it help cover negative aspects of one’s body?

    Is there a number that defines a womens’ bust size, for example, small bust size vs big busted women?

    • Hey Judith

      Ruching and shirring are design elements – the material is gathered around your midsection making it look flattered and evening out the silhouette. You can see the samples here and here.

      Regarding your question about big bust vs small bust. This is an interesting question with mixed answers. There is no classification stated what is a big bust and what is a small bust. But we do think that it is all about the proportions between the bust and the rest of the body. If you tend to dress around your bust, you are most likely big busted. So it is more about how do you feel about yourself and your proportions. In addition, there is different sizing per countries, per brands and sometimes even per styles. Some general info about bust sizing differences can be found here.

      Let us know if you have some other view on this question.

      Have a nice day, Arta

  5. Hailey

    Hey there!
    I love this!
    I am 31 and I have noticed the dreaded body changes already!
    There is some great swim suits here! I like the more singlet based ones at the moment with the shorts as bottoms! They make me feel more covered up and make me feel great!
    I tend to stick to plain colours generally black. I stir clear of patterns I just dont think they suit me at all.
    thanks for the information! It was a great read

    • Hey Hailey

      Thanks for taking your time to leave your comment and I am glad you liked my selection of bathing suits for women over 40. It is nice you have found your perfect bathing suit to feel comfortable and confident while on the beach. Nowadays there are so many different choices on the market that each woman can find the swimsuit flattering her body and mind.

      Happy beach-ing, Arta

      • Hailey

        That’s it!
        The more comfortable you are wearing your swimsuit the more confident you become!

  6. D-AnnTaylor

    Arta your article on “Bathing Suits Women Over 40 Choose-Selection of the Top Picks ” was a quite interesting read. Although, I enjoyed the read.

    I personally choose a bathing suit that’s fitting for my body make-up, which usually is a one piece or two-piece skort style type with a cute coverup.

    The color I normally choose is based on what is more appealing to my skin tone. I always ensure the bathing suit hides any of my not so appealing areas.

    I am very aware of what they are and very particular and picky about what is suitable for me, in regards to my age as well, which I don’t really make a big deal out of anyway.

    I love v-neck style bathing suits most of all.

    However, I enjoyed the tips you provided on how to select the appropriate bathing suit for one’s age in their 40’s.

    Thank you for sharing.

    All the best,

    • Hey Deborah

      Like we have already mentioned before – age is just a number and we shouldn’t make a big deal of it, just as you say. At least, we shouldn’t let it restrict us. We should wear what we like and feel good in, as this leads to looking good. So our tips on the bathing suits for women over 40 are more like road signs to trigger your inspiration 🙂

      Cheers, Arta

  7. Josie

    Very useful and interesting information on swimsuits. I have always struggled with finding the right swimsuit for me. It is good to know which colors will work best with my skin tone. I am not over 40 but I have definitely felt self-conscious in a swimsuit and I am thankful for this helpful information!

    • Hey Josie

      It could be quite challenging to find the perfect swimsuit so any hint in the right direction can be of great help. I am glad you have found helpful our tips on how to choose the best bathing suits for women over 40, even if you are not yet over 40 🙂

      Happy shopping, Arta

  8. Tiffany Domena

    What a resourceful site! I’m 30, but I find the information on how to choose a swimsuit valuable. My husband and I prefer for me to dress conservatively. The high-neck idea with crochet or a nice design sounds like something I may have to look into as I prepare for the weather to liven up again. Thanks for such a useful article!

    • Hey Tiffany

      I am happy you have found my article about bathing suits for women over 40 useful even though you are 30. The age is just a number and it is all about feeling good in what you are wearing. However, there are some common directions people tend to go with the increasing age.
      I recently read an interesting research – a group of scientists explored our shopping habits. Even though we tend to feel like we are each unique and special, generally we are not. We all can be classified in certain groups with similar interests and habits that are characteristic under certain circumstances in our lives. Scientists easily could recognize the age, gender and other specific features of the shopper just by analyzing the products he or she had bought. And what is even more interesting, that they could also predict some future events of the shopper. For instance, women tend to choose certain products when they are pregnant (even if they don’t know it yet). Scientists informed one shopper that she is pregnant based on these certain products that she has bought. She did the test and – voila – she was pregnant. Amazing, isn’t it?

      Cheers, Arta

  9. David

    This selection you have outlined is really really good. My wife has been searching for the past 2 weeks and was unable to find anything so I decided to help her out and I shared your link to her via email. She is delighted now – great article, thanks for helping out my other half! One question, which options has the best value?

    • Hey David

      I am glad my article about the bathing suits for women over 40 has helped you. By clicking on the images included in the article you will be taken to the relevant collection that particular style is included into and you will find all the important information about it – price, features, pros and cons, and etc. And also where to buy it.

      Hope this answered your question, otherwise, do not hesitate to let me know!
      Cheers, Arta

  10. Jon

    So I would not say many if any of these women look 40 years young. If they are then they look good for their age. But is there any difference in bathing suits for younger women and those that are 40+? If so what are they? I like how you laid out all the information and gave many different examples.

    • Arta

      Hey John

      Thank you for this rhetorical question. In general, there are no differences between the swimsuits for women over 40 and different age women. The only difference is the change of self-confidence in a swimsuit as our bodies tend to change with years so many of us tend to feel less confident in a bathing suit. But luckily, nowadays there are so many features in a bathing suit that nearly any imperfection can be concealed.

      Cheers, Arta

  11. Michel

    Nowadays there are such beautiful swimsuits available for every shape, size, and age. Every woman can now feel confident in this wonderful selection of swimwear to suit everyone.

    I never thought much about the neckline of the costume, but it does make a lot of sense to think about what sort of neckline to go for. Some women like to show more cleavage, while others prefer a higher neckline. There are such pretty costumes here that look so flattering that I would have a problem picking just one.

    Love the white one, but I think you need a nice tan to carry that one off.

  12. Aly

    Thanks for sharing so many options for staying stylish in a swimsuit for women in their 40’s. Material and style is very important, as is finding the perfect fit to flatter the figure. A great cover-up also goes a long way in looking chic when you’re not in the water! Adding a cute hat to the mix makes it even better (and provides sun protection for the head & scalp!).

  13. Benny

    Hello arta, the steps you have created here are so insightful and informative i have an aunt who is over 4o years but then she doesn’t act like she is over 40 probably because she has a perfect body. i will still show this to her so she can apply steps when selecting her swim suit. thank you once again for this review

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