Bathing suits for apple shaped bodies

Bathing Suits for Apple Shaped Bodies – 9 Tips to Flare on the Beach

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Bathing suits for apple shaped bodies

What are the best bathing suits for apple shaped bodies? Let’s find it out!

When we are young and confident we wear what we like and what we want. We don’t think about (or pay very little attention to) assets, flaws, body shapes and etc. We just wear and flare 🙂 and sometimes scare 🙂

Nevertheless, knowing your body shape and dressing it is a nice way to go as then you skip the “scare” part. And boost your confidence what is of extreme importance when it comes to wearing a bathing suit.

Today we are looking at apple shape and picking the best bathing suits for apple shaped bodies.

Best Bathing Suits for Apple Shaped Bodies – Define Your Waist

Bathing suits for apple shaped bodies

Apple shaped women carry the most in their midsection, meaning tummy is the widest place of their silhouette. In addition, apple shaped women are bigger on top than on the bottom.

So the suggestion for apple-shaped women is to accentuate the bottom and drive attention away from the upper part of the body. You probably wonder how to do that? Let’s discover tips and tricks for dressing apple shape in a bathing suit!

What to Keep in Mind When Shopping Bathing Suits for Apple Shaped Bodies?

So there are some general rules you need to keep in mind to make swimsuit work for your apple shape and not against it. But you should keep also in mind that each body is different and any generalization doesn’t work for everybody. For majority – yes, but not for everybody.

Bathing Suits for apple shaped bodies

Take Emphasis Away from Your Midsection

A swimsuit highlighting your bust area and legs will benefit your apple shape. And so will swimsuits that hide your stomach (visual action – bathing suits that make your tummy look smaller) or tummy control bathing suits (functional action – bathing suits that control and shape your tummy).

We have created a collection of the best body shaping bathing suits that are proven to be particularly flattering for apple shape – check it out!

Another option is high-cut bottoms.

Bathing suits for apple shaped bodies

Choose the Right Neckline

As your upper part of the body is wider than your bottom, the neckline does matter. You can check our guide on the best bathing suit for broad shoulders . But to cut long story short the necklines flattering apple shape are as follow: v-neck, halter, scoop-neck and sweetheart necklines.

Bathing suits for apple shaped bodies

Decide on the Pattern and Color

A good swimsuit choice of apple shaped women relates to color block bathing suits and camouflaging print. If you go for the color block, avoid those with high contrast around the midsection as this will drive the attention to your tummy.

Camouflaging print, in its turn, will confuse the eyes and make your tummy disappear. Good print samples are animal prints and other all over prints with many contrasts.

Bathing suits for apple shaped bodies

Tankini Swimsuits

Tankini swimsuits flatter nearly any body shape so this is a good choice also for apple shaped women. A tankini is especially favored by long torso women as they do feel better and more comfortable in tankini than in one piece swimsuit. Besides that, it is possible to mix and match tankini tops and bottoms choosing different sizes for each piece of the bathing suit.

In addition, it is possible to decide on the type of the bottoms. The higher the waist, the more the chances to hide and control the tummy.

Bathing suits for apple shaped bodies

Swimdress with Empire Waist

We all know the benefits of empire waist when it comes to concealing our midsection. So the same applies for swimdressswimdress with empire waist will do a great job in hiding your tummy and adding up to the feminine and sensual beach outlook.

Bathing suits for apple shaped bodies

Ruching and Ruffles

Ruching is among those cosmetic details taking a good care about your midsection. The gathered material instantly slims and controls the tummy smoothing out the silhouette so this is a good feature to look for in a bathing suit for apple shaped bodies.

==> Have a Look at Slimming Ruched Tankinis to Control the Tummy <==

Ruffles in their turn are either flare or scare. The best thing to do is to try them on to see which one refers to you. We do love the chic outlook of tiered tankini tops.

Bathing suits for apple shaped bodies

Supportive Swimsuit Top

You should pay attention to the top of the swimsuit so that it is supportive enough to hold everything in its places.

The first thing to check is the thickness of the straps – the thicker the straps, the greater the support. In addition, thick straps will make your shoulders appear narrower as they visually cut the area into smaller pieces.

The next thing to check is whether or not swimsuit top offers any support feature for your girls – underwire is the most supportive feature but also built-in bra, boning, adjustable straps can do a lot in supporting your bust.

Bathing suits for apple shaped bodies

Bold Swimsuit Bottom

If you go for two piece swimsuits, a bathing suit bottom can play a big role in balancing out your apple shape. In order to do that, you should look for bottoms out-designing the top. This refers to bottoms featuring brighter color, more impressive pattern or some other eye-catching detail (such as sashes, ties at the sides, etc.)

Bathing suits for apple shaped bodies

Swimsuit Cover Ups and Accessories

Swimsuit cover up is a good way of covering up your imperfections while out of the water. Besides that, it is also a must-have piece of clothing to finish your beach outlook in style. Cover up will add up to your comfort and chic while enjoying sunny summer days.

Another way of gathering attention and driving it away from the areas you wish to hide is by using different accessories. Attractive sun hats, oversized sunglasses, different sizes and types of jewelry are eye-catchers and therefore helpers to redistribute the attention.

Wear the Best Bathing Suits for Apple Shaped Bodies! And FLARE 🙂

I think we have covered all of the steps on the route to the perfect bathing suits for apple shaped bodies. Clicking on the images and links included in this article will bring you to our collections where the particular style is included.

But what about you – how do you dress your apple shape? Is there any special tip or trick you use? Share your knowledge and experience to the benefit of others.

So let’s look at the short summary:

Bathing Suits for Apple Shaped Bodies

8 thoughts on “Bathing Suits for Apple Shaped Bodies – 9 Tips to Flare on the Beach

  1. aileen

    Really nice tips for apple shaped body. My body shape is also quite apple and I really like tankini swimsuits because it is still sexy even though it covers up most of the body. Your article makes me want to buy more cute swimsuits and bikiniss
    The only difficulty I find is finding the right swimming panties, not everyone has insane booty

    • Hey Aileen

      Nice to hear we share the passion to tankini swimsuits 🙂 Tankini swimsuits are a godsend to apple shaped women as they are able to take proper care of the tummy either hiding or shaping it or both.
      Regarding swimsuit briefs, a good idea is to shop at merchants offering an option to buy top and bottom separately as then you can choose the sizes and patterns as needed.

      Cheers, Arta

  2. Sharon

    Very good advice you have here. It will help people to find their piece and wear it with confidence.
    I recently went back to swimming after an extremely long break. Bought a tankini which I felt most comfortable compared to others. The only problem I have is my flabby arms. Well, can’t hide everything, can I? Guess only workout can help.

    • Hi Sharon

      I am glad you have found my post on bathing suits for apple shaped bodies helpful but I am even gladder that you have found your way back to swimming. A tankini is a great choice for those wishing to boost confidence as they offer a lot of options to hide and control parts of your body you are not satisfied with.
      You can use women swimsuit cover ups to hide your arms while out of the water. I guess during swimming only you and fishes are aware of your problem and I bet they don’t care 🙂 But the workout is a necessary activity not only to look but also feel better.
      Anyway, I hope my article will help apple shaped women to easily find their perfect swimsuit.

      Have fun in the sun, Arta

  3. swangirl

    I am pear shaped but the tips here work for me too! So here you suggest a plain top and jazzy bottom to take attention away from the top. I would just reverse that and have a solid color bottom and interesting print/bright top.

    I also love tankinis. I am tall and like you mentioned, it is just easier to make them fit rather than a one piece that may be too short. I have a belly pouch, so all related these tips work for me too.

    It is amazing what a different cut or pattern can do to how we look and how we feel about ourselves!

  4. Melissa

    Your article is such an easy read. Especially for someone like me who remembers the days of not worrying about what to wear. Now, I have a dozen swimsuits while trying to find the right one the looks good and feels good. Thank for sharing your guide on what to wear for the apple shape gal. 

  5. Sophia

    This is a great contact beautifully written it’s also great for ladies who love to go to the beach , I myself don’t go to the beach much from I have my kids now that I have read your contact I can definitely go to the beach after I find my perfect bath suit.      I love this  overall this is great 

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