Bathing Suit With Skirt

Bathing Suit With Skirt – Superior Choices for Vivid Summer

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Bathing Suit With Skirt

There were times when choosing a swimsuit was as easy as one-two-three. The main dilemma was deciding whether it should be one or two piece bathing suit.

Well, these times are gone and gone forever. And I feel neither nostalgic nor sad 🙂 Instead I feel giddy about the oceans of options a trendy woman is blessed with nowadays. And one of the latest hits is bathing suit with skirt.

Bathing Suit with Skirt – Be Special, Be Unique, Be Different

Bathing suit with Skirt

Choosing inimitable, sensual and special bathing suit is one of the ways to please the personality and complement the body. Bathing suit with skirt is the new trend for those wishing to stand out of the crowd without compromising comfort and support. So if you are looking for something unique and at the same time down-to-earth then skirted swimwear is one of the best options.

Bathing suit with skirt is the answer of the swimsuit industry to the growing demand for unique yet functional swimwear. The extraordinary design allows to incorporate many features for shaping, supporting and controlling making this swimwear highly functional.

So What to Pay Your Attention to When Looking for a Bathing Suit with Skirt?

Bathing Suit with Skirt

Bathing suit with skirt allows you to conceal majority of flaws. So to begin with you should put down all the imperfections you would wish to hide. Whether it is your tummy, hips, thighs or anything else, it can be addressed and the right type of skirted swimwear can minimize the flaw.

But it is not it yet. The other thing you should consider is your assets you would like to highlight. As any piece of clothing also a swimsuit is capable of accentuating your properties as long as the right type of swimsuit is chosen.

One of the most important things to check on is the bottom of the skirted swimsuit – meaning what is underneath the skirt. Usually matching briefs are attached but it could be also the case that the bathing suit comes just with the skirt. And then it is your headache to get what to wear underneath it unless you have a matching bottoms at home.

The next thing are all of the features the bathing suit embodies – whether it is underwire, padded cups, removable cups, tummy control panel, shirring, ruching, wide straps, adjustable straps, bandeau style, halter style, detachable straps or anything else, just be on the top of this to make sure the swimsuit works for you and not against you by highlighting what it should highlight and hiding what it should hide.

Bathing Suits with Skirt – Which Type of Skirted Swimwear to Choose?

The main advantage of a bathing suit with skirt is its ability to cover up your hips and upper part of thighs. The swimsuit market offers several options of skirted swimwear – you can choose either skirtini (bikini with skirt or tankini with skirt) or skirted one piece swimsuits (swimdresses). There are different lengths available so you can choose the level of coverage you wish.

Let’s look at the options.

Bathing Suit with Skirt
Bikini with Skirt – Revealing yet Covering

Bikini with skirt is a bikini top paired with skirted bottom. It is also called a skirtini and is a great option for women wishing a bikini yet looking for an option to hide and/or shape the hips-thighs area.

This is the type of skirted swimwear revealing the most so if you are looking for increased coverage you might wish to check out the other options described below.

When shopping for bikini with skirt you should check whether or not bikini briefs are included. There are styles with built-in bikini briefs and there are also styles not including bikini briefs so just make sure to be on the top of this.

Another advantage of skirted bikinis is the option to mix and match. You can easily shop just skirted bottom by matching it with your favorite bikini tops. Or you can go for two sets of skirted bikinis and match them with each other adding up to versatility of your beach outlooks.

Bikini with skirt can be a tool for concealing and shaping your tummy, as well, just make sure to look for mid or high waisted swimsuit.

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Bathing Suit with Skirt
Tankini with Skirt – Trendy, Comfortable and Functional

Tankini with skirt features tankini top with skirted bottom. Also this type of skirted swimwear is called skirtini so don’t get confused with these two.

The advantage of tankini with skirt is the full control of your tummy area this bathing suit top offers. So combined with the coverage and function of the skirted bottom, tankini with skirt is the great option for women looking for increased coverage and high functionality with shaping, controlling and enhancing.

You should pay attention to the features the tankini top offers, as well as, the design of it. It could be a loose fit with main focus on coverage or it could be a firmer fit to control and shape your midsection.

Another advantage of skirted tankini is the comfort and ease of usage. It is as easy to use as bikini but offers the same coverage as swimdress.

When shopping for a tankini with skirt, you should check if the skirted bottom comes with briefs as there are styles featuring just the skirt.

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Bathing Suit with Skirt
Skirted One Piece Swimsuits AKA Swimdresses

Add up to lady-look in graceful skirted one piece swimsuit also known as swimdress. Swimdress usually comes with many different features to make you look and feel good. You can opt for having tummy control, shaping of your midsection, bust support at different levels, length varying from upper thighs to knees and etc.

When shopping for a swimdress, you should pay attention to the suit underneath – either it comes with full one piece bathing suit or briefs attached to the mesh solution around the tummy. In case there is the second one, just be aware that your tummy will be visible under water when (if) the dress floats up.

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So now when you have learnt about different bathing suits with skirt – which one does get your voice? And what features are you looking for when shopping for a swimsuit? Share your experience for the benefit of everyone.