Bandeau Top Swimsuits

Bandeau Top Swimsuits – Get Separated From the Crowd

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Bandeau Top Swimsuits

Without doubt, bandeau top swimsuits are among the most graceful and feminine types of swimwear. It accentuates your curves and highlights your sensuality but… be aware… bandeau top swimsuits are not for everybody.

Let’s discover the advantages and disadvantages of bandeau bathing suits so you can flare on the beach.

Bandeau Top Swimsuits – Are You Ready to Rock? 🙂

Bandeau Top Swimsuits

Bandeau always refers to the top of the bathing suit and stands for strapless.

However, nowadays majority of styles come with detachable straps to add some versatility and security in case you wish to enjoy certain beach or water activites.

Bandeau top swimsuits will make you stand out of the crowd. That’s for sure. On condition it flatters your body type and puts the right accents.

So Who Should Wear Bandeau Bathing Suit?

Bandeau Top Swimsuits

Bandeau style flatters women wider at the bottom than the top as it visually widens your shoulder area balancing out your body thus.

Even though it could seem as better choice for small busted women it is not always the case. Nowadays, the modern technologies and highly functional fabrics have made it possible also for big busted women to enjoy the benefits of bandeau bathing suit.

Big busted women should check the features the swimsuit embodies to make sure it will offer some support and control. Without doubt, the support will not be at the same level as with straps but days with no support are gone. We have described it more in details in our article about best swimsuits for big busted women.

Always remember the possibility of having removable straps for additional support and security when needed. And make sure straps lay on the outer shoulders. Don’t choose center straps as these will lead to bust sagging.

And last but not least, bandeau drives attention to your arms. Therefore, go for this style only if you are comfortable with this extra attention to your arms.

Which Type of Bandeau Top Swimsuits to Choose?

So there are several bandeau top swimsuits out there – bikini, tankini, one piece swimsuit and swimdress. Each of them offers different level of coverage and functionality. Therefore, you should decide on the coverage, support and control you would wish to have in your bathing suit and only then proceed.

Let’s look at the options.

Strapless Bikinis – Probably the Most Popular Type of Bandeau Top Swimsuits

Strapless Bikini Sets

Strapless bikinis are a very popular swimsuit choice. It is particularly favored by sun and tan lovers ensuring no-strap-tan but this in its turn means you have to show your skin the most if compared to other types of bandeau swimsuits.

If you wish to reduce the amount of exposed skin, you can choose some other type of bikini bottom – briefs replacing by shorts or skirt. And don’t forget that there are different waist options, as well – mid- or high-waisted bikini bottom will add up to increased coverage.

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Bandeau Tankini Swimsuits – an Ode to Grace

Bandeau Tankini Swimsuits

Bandeau tankini swimsuits are our favourites. It is due to graceful outlook, variable functionality and increased comfort.

While bikini is limited to implementation of different features, tankini offers many options for designers to enhance the bathing suit and its wearer. We know it is the same with one piece swimsuits but you have to agree that tankini is much more comfortable than one piece swim. So tankini is winning 2 to 0 🙂

Features to look for in bandeau tankini are as follows:

  • bust support – built-in bra, underwire or molded cups,
  • tummy control – whether or not tankini offers option to control and shape your tummy and midsection
  • any visual enhancers – ruching, shirring, etc
  • removable straps

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Bandeau One Piece Swimsuits – Classic Value

Bandeau Top Swimsuits

Bandeau one piece swimsuits are referred to as the most classic choice of bandeau top swimwear. However, the most classic choice doesn’t necessarily mean the most boring or old-fashioned one. With attractive designs, outstanding patterns and eye-catching details one piece swimming suits are still holding a stable position in the market.

When it comes to bandeau one piece swimsuits a perfect fit is more important than ever. Otherwise, some sudden movement could result in a swimsuit not staying in place. As there are no straps for securing the top of the one piece and the bottom part of the suit keeps pulling the upper part of it during the movement, the bathing suit is not stable unless it fits perfectly.

Other than that bandeau one piece swimsuits are capable of shaping and controlling your midsection, ensuring the needed bust support and covering up your tummy.

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Bandeau Swim Dresses – Stylish and Practical

Bandeau Top Swimsuits

Bandeau Swim dresses offer the greatest level of coverage. They are elegant, sexy and stylish. But there is very fragile boundary of getting matronly. Therefore, you should pay attention to the design of the swimdress, the length and the pattern.

In addition, many swimdresses tend to float up while in the water. Part of women doesn’t care about this but better to be aware of it before purchase to avoid unpleasant surprises later.

There are swimdresses looking like casual summer dresses so you don’t even need to think about swimsuit cover up while wearing those and can easily move back and forth in a swim dress 🙂 Some women even admit wearing swimdresses to summer parties 🙂

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So to begin with, you should identify your features and flaws. The swimsuit should be chosen to highlight your best assets. Don’t go for bandeau top swimsuits just because of the look.

A bathing suit should enhance not lance your look so you could glance and dance 🙂

4 thoughts on “Bandeau Top Swimsuits – Get Separated From the Crowd

  1. Yvonne

    Swim suits and cover ups for women over 50 -THANK YOU. So many people think that after a certain age you shouldn’t even think about wearing a swim suit. I for one will wear a swim suit every summer until I die but it has gotten a lot harder to find suits I like, now I know where to go. Not only will I be back I will be sending my friends and family here as well.

    • Arta

      Hi Yvonne

      When it comes to swimwear there are a lot of prejudices. And we are here to break them 🙂 It is not easy to find the perfect bathing suit but it is definitely a lot easier if you know what to look for and where to look.

      Happy shopping, Arta

  2. Carly

    I think this is a great read for the curvier woman to really find her style and what would flatter her figure. You’ve really taken the time to break down how each cut would fit, and how it would suit a particular body type. Also, I loved your ending quote “A bathing suit should enhance not lance your look so you could glance and dance” That’s absolutely brilliant.

    • Hey Carly
      Thank you for the nice words and I am happy you liked my article about bandeau top swimsuits. I hope it will help many women to find their perfect bathing suit.

      Cheers, Arta

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