What is a BistroMD Meal Plan and Does it Actually Work?

Obesity is a serious, growing and deadly problem in the United States. Men, women and children of all ages and socioeconomic backgrounds find themselves having to endure a diminished quality of life because the food they eat is filled with sugar, salt and fat. It does not have the balanced nutrition they need and it leaves them overweight, tired, unhealthy and unhappy. Dive Deeper

Swimsuits Hide Belly Fat – 12 Flattering Options

swimsuits hide belly fat

In my 20s, I always looked forward to swimsuit season. I loved showing off my flat tummy and was at complete ease lounging poolside with my friends. Believe it or not, I actually enjoyed shopping for bikinis, and I often preferred to show as much skin as possible! Well, fast forward ten years and things are a little different. I’m older, wiser, and just a little bit rounder. Dive Deeper

What is Zinc Oxide in Sunscreen

what is zinc oxide in sunscreen

Let’s face it, there’s so much sun out there, and you have to protect your skin from it! Most of us know that excessive sun exposure causes skin cancer. And I’m sure you’ve heard when skin cancer is found early it’s curable. While that may be true, most skin cancers aren’t found early enough to prevent death. Wearing sunscreen can decrease your chances of developing skin cancer. Dive Deeper

Sunscreen Spray vs Lotion

sunscreen spray vs lotion

One of the greatest perks of a beautiful summer day is playing and spending time outdoors. Getting out and enjoying the warm weather can be fun, but also potentially harmful if you do not take precautions against the sun’s rays. Dive Deeper