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Hi Everyone,

We are a group of individuals obsessed with the great power of the right choice of apparel in making ourselves looking gorgeous.

We love to travel and visit different beaches, therefore we pay a lot of attention to swimsuits – our apparel when going to the beach. Your main contact within this site will be me – Arta as I have taken the responsibility to maintain and update this guide in the world of tankini swimsuits for women, but sometimes also other authors will post their articles.

As you can probably imagine our favourite type of bathing suits is tankini swimsuits. Why tankinis? Bikinis are everywhere, one piece swimsuits are the classic ones, but tankinis… well, tankinis are somewhere in between – the comfort of a bikini combined with the coverage of one piece swimsuit. Can anything sound better than that? 🙂 No… But to put it short – WE LOVE TANKINI SWIMSUITS. And that’s it.

We do see the apparel choice as a science and we do believe that we are all beautiful and can look beautiful no matter what is our size or body shape. It is all just about finding the right clothes to match your pros and cons.

Wearing a swimsuit can seem a nightmare for many women, and therefore we wanted to create this source of tankini swimsuits for women to guide you through the huge world of different swimsuits and help you to find your perfect swimsuit to make you feel confident and look beautiful while on the beach. Just by keeping in mind few features you can make the swimsuit work for you and glance on the beach.

What is the reality? The average height of model in US is about 70 inches/178 cm and her weight is about 1834 oz, 114 lb or 52 kg. So that makes her to wear size 4 (32 in Europe). But the regular US woman is approximately 64 inches/162 cm tall weighting about 2610 oz, 163 lbs or 74 kg and wearing size 14 (42 in Europe). So in reality half or even more of the women of this country wears size 14 or up, but majority of the clothing available at the stores is designed for tall, slim and slender women. Besides that, this clothing most likely even doesn’t suit majority of women. So our goal is to help you not to get confused in this range of clothes but to determine your wishes and define the pros and cons of your body for finding the most suitable clothes for your body.

There is an old saying: There is no such thing as graceless body, only the clothing is not suitable. So our mission is to define suitable clothing for different body shapes to make each body graceful and wonderful. We will be very specific to each body shape to be sure every woman finds the hints exactly for her body.

We will tell you what to pay your attention to when deciding to buy a swimsuit. This knowledge will help you in making the right choice and the right choice will make you feel confident on the beach. Tankini swimsuits are very popular choice of women as they can do many miracles, but for sure we will touch also other types of swimwear as there are cases when you need bikini or one piece swim. We do believe each woman needs more than one piece of swimwear, and diversity makes our lives more amazing.



The founder of Tankini Swimsuits for Women

e-mail: arta@tankiniswimsuitsforwomen.com

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