Swimsuit for Straight Figure

7 Tips To Finding The Best Swimsuit For Straight Figure

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Swimsuit for Straight Figure

If you have come here, you are most likely straight figured. And you are most likely wondering what is the best swimsuit for straight figure? And we are here to give you the answers you are looking for… so – hang on 🙂

Best Swimsuit for Straight Figure – Add Curves

Swimsuit for Straight Figure

The straight figure means you are straight throughout – your shoulders, waist, and hips are more or less the same measurements. This is quite common body shape. Besides that, the majority of supermodels has this body shape. So you have all the fun 🙂

You can wear nearly anything and it will look just gorgeous. But as for everything – there are some exceptions, as well as some preferences to make you look and feel even more gorgeous.

The question you need to answer is whether you wish to add some curves to your silhouette or flaunt it as it is benefiting from the fact you have nothing to hide.

If you go for curves, all the eye-catching cut-outs, glamorous patterns, and chic details are for you. You, lucky girl 🙂

What to Keep in Mind When Shopping Swimsuit for Straight Figure?

So the main idea is to keep the proportions of your top and bottom while defining your waist. It probably sounds a little bit complicated but no worries – there are just a few simple tips and tricks to know to do that.

Swimsuit for Straight Figure

Creating Curves – Do It Proportionally

When creating curves, it has to be done proportionally not to ruin the balance between the top and the bottom of the body. So whatever you do, do it on the top and on the bottom.

The top of the body can be enhanced by padding, embellishments, patterns, and ruffles. Push up tankini will do a great job in creating a swimsuit cleavage.

Details at the shoulders and hips will add some bulk to these areas resulting in an illusion of more curves.

The volume to the booty can be added by ruffles, embellishments and more fabric. Bathing suit with skirt can be of great help when building curves.

When it comes to coverage, medium to full coverage mid to low waisted briefs are the ones creating the illusion of more curves. Sporty and tiny bottoms will flaunt your booty as it is with no visual effects.

Swimsuit for straight figure

Light and Bright Swimsuits – Adding Volume

Light, bright and patterned swimsuits are particularly flattering to the straight figure. It is mostly due to the fact that they tend to add volume and this is exactly what we need.

A color is a powerful tool when it comes to our outlook and it can either boil or spoil our beach outfit. We have investigated which of the bright colors emphasize your tan – perhaps it will help you when choosing the color for your bathing suit;

  • Lemon yellow, lime green, and juicy orange.
  • Any shade of pink and blue
  • I guess all of us know about white color but you probably didn’t know that bright white is better for cool tones of skin while warm tones of skin will benefit from off-white.
Swimsuit for straight figure

Necklines –  Putting Emphasis on the Bust

Straight figures are lucky enough to wear high-neck swimsuits as these add more dimension to your chest area.

Halter top swimsuits flatter nearly any body shape and this is also one of the options for your straight figure.

Other good neckline choices involve crew, scoop, boat and plunging necklines. These low and wide necklines will make your bust stand out as well as your straight body silhouette appear curvier.

Swimsuit for straight figure

Details Matter – Be Brave

Although for some of us such eye-catching details could seem as an exaggeration the truth is that details are the best friends of straight figures.

Daring cutouts, classy ruching, elegant draping, glamorous embellishments, flirty ruffles, feminine ties, and any other detail you can think of were just created for your body shape. These details are irreplaceable when it comes to creating an illusion of curves. Besides that, they gather all the attention driving it away from the rest of the body in case you don’t feel like showing it off.

Swimsuit for straight figure

One Piece Bathing Suit – Classic Yet Trendy

When shopping one piece swimsuit for a straight figure you should opt for a criss-cross front, chic cut-outs, and stylish draping.

Another good choice would be swimsuit featuring some sophisticated detailing or embellishment at the bust and hip area.

Ruching at the midsection would define your waist, therefore, it is also a good option. The same effect could be reached by choosing solid bright colored one piece swimsuit with a darker-colored waist.

Swimsuit for straight figure

Tankini Swimsuits – Fashion Meets Function

Tankini with ruffles, embellishments or some other detailing around the chest and hips are a great curve-adder, as well. You can opt for a tankini swimsuit dark-coloured at the waist to boost this optical effect.

Tankini swimsuits are fashionable yet functional enough to meet demands of any woman. If you feel there is something about your body you would wish to hide or control, tankini swimsuits could be the best possible solution.

Swimsuit for straight figure

Bikini Bathing Suit – Probably the Most Popular Choice of Boyish Shaped Women

As we already mentioned with other types of bathing suits, details matter also with bikini swimsuit for the boyish figure. So the perfect bikini for the straight figure will be bikini with ruffles, embellishments, ruching or ties.

And better let it be graceful and feminine bikini as sporty one will make you look even more straight.

You can have all the fun of mixing and matching your bikini swimsuit by playing with colors, patterns, and design elements. Bright and light colors, diagonal or horizontal lines, and exciting patterns are great options to add some dimensions to your proportions.

Have You Defined Your Perfect Swimsuit for Straight Figure?

We do hope our 7 tips will help you in finding the perfect swimsuit for a straight figure. Perhaps you have something to add – we will be more than happy to have your comment on the topic and add to our article if needed.

Clicking on the images and links included in this article will bring you to our collections where the particular style is included so you can check the details of it.

But what about you – are there any tips you follow when dressing your straight shape? Which type of bathing suits do you choose and why? And what about details – do you go for them or stay away?

Share your knowledge and experience to the benefit of others.

But let’s look now at the short summary:

Best Swimsuit for Straight Figure

12 thoughts on “7 Tips To Finding The Best Swimsuit For Straight Figure

  1. Anna

    I am so glad I read your post! I am one of those “luckies” who have very straight figures. Moreover I was always not happy with my figure. We are going to have a summer vacation soon in Greece and I was looking for some swimming suits, but the ones I have tried looked not that great on me. I am happy that now I actually know what swimming suit will compliment my figure and will not look flat on me. I am going for a colorful bikini:))) Greece, here I come 😀

    • Hi Anna

      I have been to Greece 3 times – it is a lovely country with fantastic beaches… so you need to have fantastic swimsuits to enjoy your time in Greece to a full extent 🙂 Colorful bikini will do the trick but I would suggest you taking more than one bathing suit with you for both your style and comfort.

      Wishing you a great time in Greece, Arta

  2. Patti

    Your post on swimsuits has so much detailed info and cute pics to show me new ideas. I love it!

    Wish I had a more straight figure and less curvy–that white suit is gorgeous!

    You have some great advice on creating curves so I’ll keep them in mind for my straight figured girl friends.


    • Hey Patti

      I am glad you have found my 7 tips to finding the best swimsuit for straight figure helpful. And your comment made me realize I need to investigate the best swimsuits for curvy figures. Hang on – I will do it and add the link to this comment so you can see the best choices for your curvy body.

      Cheers, Arta

  3. Jóhann H. Ragnarsson

    Great ideas you have here but it´s one I want to ask you about, so I can buy for my wife!
    Do I need to have something in mind when women are in swimsuits in cold weather? Probably it is better that I explain what I have in mind. When you are in hot weather the body gets more soft end different when you are in cold weather. Like here in Iceland, in winter time you can easily go swimming in minus 5 on Celsius because the water is plus 25 on Celsius. And because the hot water you normally walk a little because that is good for your body.
    So, again, is something I need to have in mind because of that?

    • Hey Johann

      Thanks a lot for your comment! Wow – that sounds really cool – +25 Celsius water and minuses outside! Would love to try it out! I would suggest you get a proper women swimsuits cover up for your wife to keep her warm after swimming and till the moment she puts on her clothes. I guess I would just stay in the water 🙂 mmmm – +25 Celsius water – fantastic!

      Happy winter swimming, Arta

  4. Jen

    This is a perfect post as summer is just getting started. All of us women always have such a difficult time finding the right bathing suit for our bodies, and having a straight figure can sometimes make it even more difficult.

    I love that you have laid out so many different options for swimsuits. You have given the best tips! I’m more of a classic swimsuit person, so I tend to shy away from the high fashion ones with cutouts or funky designs. As I’ve gotten old, I want to cover up a little more, but don’t want to be stuck in a one-piece. I think the tankini is the way to go! Love your advice!

    • Hey Jen

      I am happy you have found helpful 7 tips to finding the best swimsuit for straight figure. Tankini is a fantastic bathing suit and nearly any body shape can benefit from it. It is just about finding the right style to flatter both your body and mind 🙂

      Happy shopping, Arta

  5. Sunny

    I definitely don’t fall under the straight figure category, but my best friend does and these ideas are great for her. You always find such great swimsuits. I really like the white two-piece with the lace sleeves, just gorgeous. Summer is coming and I have your site bookmarked so we can go suit shopping. 🙂

    • Hey Sunny

      And another great comment 🙂 Currently you are among the most active commentators on this website – I love people who do not hesitate to share their thoughts and experiences!
      The white two piece swimsuit with lace sleeves is stunning but what I like more that it has tummy-control feature. You can read more about this swimsuit and other tummy control bikinis here.

      Any shopping is great, but swimsuit shopping is the best as long as these swimsuit online shopping tips are kept in mind. So I am looking forward to the suit shopping with you 🙂
      Cheers, Arta

  6. Zen

    Great article! My wife is quite tall and has the straining task of finding swimsuits that fit. She also has a long torso in which you’ve mentioned in another post and has the issue of her top riding up. I will certainly direct my wife to check out your page and maybe she’ll find some help. She spends hours trying on new things and sometime I think she has no idea how to pick her clothing lol. I didn’t realize that was a real thing and that it was so tough for women to pick out clothes. this article actually explains a lot to me as a male. Would I be right in guess you (the author) have had a similar issue?

    Thank you for the amazing article!


    • Arta

      Hey Zen

      It can be quite challenging to find a swimsuit for some particular body and I know that feeling 🙂 So I want to help others avoid this by offering choices to different body shapes and characteristics.

      Hope this helps!


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