How to tie a swimsuit

2 Steps on How to Tie a Swimsuit in a Secure and Safe Manner

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How to tie a swimsuit

So the sun is coming out and the summer vacation is approaching fast. You are looking for or have already found your perfect swimsuit but there is just one big question – how to tie a swimsuit so that it holds up well and is tightly secured? This is an important question but the answer is even more important as it makes the difference. The difference between relaxed you enjoying your day on the beach or anxious you worrying about the swimsuit staying in its place and holding everything in and covered.

How To Tie a Swimsuit To Feel Secure And Keep Everything Safe and Covered?

So we have looked at this question and found the best suggestions on how to tie a swimsuit to keep everything in place and secured. Just follow the below instructions and forget about your swimsuit ties while enjoying swimming, beach activities or sunbathing.

How to tie a swimsuit
Step Nr.1 – Check the Quality of the String

To begin with, the quality of the swimsuit string is of extreme importance to succeed in tying your swimsuit tightly and securely. Whether you wish to tie a bikini top, bikini bottom or wrap around swimsuit, the quality of the strings matter as it is the key to successful knot.

If you are wearing your last year bathing suit, just make sure the string is still intact and durable enough to hold up well. If the string is worn or frayed, it is more likely to get loose or come undone.

If you are wearing a new bathing suit, pay attention to the length of the strings so that it is possible to tie a knot. Moreover, the better the fit of the swimsuit, the easier to tie it. If the bathing suit fits poorly, even the proper knot will not help in looking and feeling good. To make sure you get the right fit of the swimsuit check out our guide on how to buy a swimsuit online that fits and looks great.

How to tie a swimsuit
Step Nr.2 – Time to Tie

Once the quality of the string is checked and workable, it is time to tie it. This is the action making many of us anxious as what can be tied, also can be untied, and none of us would wish to experience the embarrassing moment of swimsuit untieing in the public. But if the knot is not durable and loose, it can easily happen.

Therefore, we have listed below the secure and durable ways of tying strings. Just make sure you don’t tie the string too tight to avoid pain and red skin.

Square Knot – Durable and Easy Option of Tying Your Swimsuit

Square knot is a popular way of tying swimsuit string as the knot is durable and lasting. It is impossible to loosen or get undone so you can enjoy your day on the beach to a full extent.

Personally, I always use square knot for tying my swimsuits as when it comes to wearing a bathing suit, feeling secure and keeping everything covered stands above all the other things for me.

However, the only drawback of this knot is that it is hard to untie it. Therefore, we have found the other option – better bow knot.

Better Bow Knot – Elegant and Secure Way of Tying A Swimsuit String

Better bow knot is another popular way of tying a swimsuit. This knot looks elegant and stays in its place even when the material gets wet. It is easy to both tie and untie it. The knot itself is durable and secure.

The only drawback of this knot is that it is too easy to untie it and it can happen accidentally leading to an embarrassing moment. But a friend of mine has been tying this knot for all her life and up to now, she hasn’t experienced such an accident.

25 Ways How to Tie a Bikini Top – Get Versatile

Did you know there are 25 ways to tie a bikini? If you did – good for you 🙂 Having 25 different outlooks for one bikini – this is such a versatility! You can be the same and still different for nearly one month in a row.

If you didn’t – just have a look in the video below for your inspiration and flaunt variable beach outfit. Combine this with 20 ways how to tie a sarong for even greater versatility.

How to Tie a Wrap Around Swimsuit Top – Rounding Off the Endless Confusions

We have received requests from our readers to clarify how to tie wrap around swimsuit top. The time has come to clear all the doubts and confusions – just have a look in the below video to tie your wrap around swimsuit top easily and without any confusion.

We hope our post on how to tie a swimsuit has cleared any doubts you might have had and taught you to tie your swimsuit in a durable and secure manner.

We are already exposed to the maximum in public when wearing a swimsuit. So exposing ourselves even more is the last thing we want. So it is all about securing the strings and the above instructions will help you.

But how do you secure your bathing suit? What type of knot do you use? Are there any special tip or trick you could advise us?

Otherwise, do not hesitate to contact us in the comment section for more details or rise the topic you are stuck with.

11 thoughts on “2 Steps on How to Tie a Swimsuit in a Secure and Safe Manner

  1. Dhayours

    I must tell you that this article is not only beneficiary to women alone but to men also because I could remember  I and my wife arguing on the best way to tie a swimsuit whereby she was showing me different methods which I disagree, reading this article I discovered some of her steps are correct. I guess she must be following you because it seems this is where she got the information if not I will recommend your site to her.

  2. Raquel

    Thanks for sharing this. Totally agree in checking the quality of the strings to avoid any accidents. Thank goodness I haven’t really had any. I just secure my swimsuit in the classic way using double knots. I also make sure that its tight since it feels looser when I start swimming. Next time, I would love to try the other ways of tying your swimsuit that you’ve shared.

  3. Paul

    Exemplary instructions! This article not only helps women learn how to tie a swimsuit in a secure and safe manner but also their male partners. I must say that there were a few wardrobe malfunctions when I helped tie bikini tops. If I had found your 2 step process for tying a bikini back in my younger years it could have saved me some difficult situations. Do you find that some swimsuit strings tend to deteriorate faster than others? Any difference between salt or chlorine exposure?

    • Arta

      Hey Paul

      Yeah, this is for sure a life-saver for many male partners 🙂

      Strings containing more elastic fibers tend to deteriorate faster due to the fact that elastic fibers are more fragile and being exposed to tension all the time – they tend to break.

      Basically, salt and chlorine exposure is treated the same as both of them are devastating to the vulnerable material of bathing suits.

      Cheers, Arta

  4. drinkteahub

    What an excellent post because tying the right knot to secure your swimsuit appears to be a minor thing but actually there’s a lot to consider. Not only does it have to be secure when dry but when wet also, yet it also has to be easy to undo when it’s time to undo it. But most of all it needs to be secure! Thanks for posting the video: a whole world of knots I knew nothing about.

  5. Danijel

    Hello Arta, I must say that this article is very helpful and informative. I always laugh when my girl can’t tie her swimsuit properly when we go swimming. You explained the process very well, I will show this article, she will be glad to read it too. Thank you for sharing such useful tips, it definitely benefits.

  6. Rodarrick

    This is massive and I’m definitely sharing out with my female friends and most especially, my wife. This is really massive and I’m thankful you share this. Since we are in a season where the heat is really dominant and the sun can cause lot of damages to the skin right now. Hence, I feel like this is just perfect to safeguard skins and to ensure proper peotection

  7. Shanta Rahman

    First of all thank you so much for sharing such an excellent article with us and swimsuits at the top of my list of favorites. Because I can hide through my belly fat. As well as good size bras I like because they are so comfortable and safe .Here are some safe ways to tie swimsuits .Because they are able to express their own personality as well as comfortable to use by fastening them .And I think your two steps will be very helpful to everyone and it has definitely been helpful for me .

    Lastly, I hope that reading your article will help the girls a lot and they will certainly share their new experiences with you .Looking forward to some more wonderful articles in the future .

  8. Teri

    Hi, I practised tying the better bow knot, and although it took a while to work out how to do it from the video, I got there in the end and it’s fantastic. If I can remember how to do it when I’m next getting into my bikini I shall definitely try to use that knot instead of my usual one, which is very difficult to undo with cold, wet fingers.

  9. Adyns68

    Hi Arta

    I will say that I have never been in a swimsuit before. But for some reason, my husband is taking me on a trip to the beach and I need to wear one. So, your post has been very valuable to me. I did not know how to tie a swimsuit or which kind of knot was best. Because I really don’t want to lose it in the water or have any misadventure.


  10. Gaurav Gaur

    Hi, Atra.
    Thanks for sharing the process to tie a swimsuit in a safe manner in just two steps. It was really so simple. I remember the first time when my friend war trying really hard to tie the knots and look sober as well but the process went wrong and it turned out to be a bad day. Information like this might have saved the day. I also liked the video on 25 ways to tie the knot and will be sharing with my wife to try some knots during our locked down period.
    Warm Regards,
    Gaurav Gaur

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