Mix Match Bathing Suits

10 Tips to Mix Match Bathing Suits Like a Pro

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Mix Match Bathing Suits

Since it is officially the season to go to the beach, it is time to look for the perfect swimsuit. We all know it can be such a drag to mix match swim separates.

It takes what feels like a million tries before I can finally find something that goes well together. Whether it is a bikini, tankini, one-piece, bandeau, or high-waist, I have tried everything on.

How to Mix and Match Bathing Suits Like a Pro

No matter how many times I have hunted for swimwear, I always go back to a few that I believe make me look and feel great. The list of my favorites is not too long.

But I have found one surefire technique that lets me enjoy my collection without getting bored of constantly wearing them. It’s simple: through mixing and matching.

What Exactly is Mixing and Matching Suits?

Mix Match Bathing Suits

Perhaps you have already heard about a famous celebrity talking about her ideas about how to mix match swim separates. Or maybe your friends are sharing their tips to each other. It has become a popular trend because it is practical.

Designers are taking note of such a trend, which is why they are creating collections that allow mixing and matching. As the name suggests, you take the top and combine it with a different bottom. Most of the time, swimwear comes in pairs. When you mix match bathing suits, you do not stick with the pair. Instead, you take a certain piece in your wardrobe and find another that complements with it.

Swimwear has been around for centuries. Although bathing suits started to exist since the Middle Ages, the inspiration behind the female bathing costumes that we see now came from the 17th century. Although they were stiff with large sleeves, they eventually faded and showed more skin. Hollywood supported stars and starlets in their fashionable swimwear in the 1930s.

Even then, these beauties wore matching styles. In the late 1990s, things further evolved as the tankini was created, along with the concept of mixing and matching separates. These innovations have given consumers the unprecedented freedom to select whatever they want to wear at the beach.

Who is Mixing and Matching For?

Mixing and matching suits is for everyone, believe me. If you are like me and you looked through your collection from last year realizing that you are missing a few tops and bottoms, you will benefit from this trend. It does not matter what type or size your body is, all you need is the skill to find a pair that will go well together.

Essential Tips on How to Mix and Match Bikinis

Mix Match Bathing Suits

As you may already know, combining different styles and prints can be tricky. Whether your goal is to mix match tankini or a bikini, you need a little bit of experience. But don’t worry because you do not have to be an expert here. Use the tips below to discover what goes well and what you may want to steer clear of.

Go for Unexpected Combinations

The beauty of mixing and matching is that you can go crazy with the combos. You have all the freedom in the world to put together different styles, such as animal prints and stripes. You can also choose a similar print but with contrasting colors. The choice is all yours.

Have Fun

If you have been living in your comfort zone for years, it is time to get out of it. The beach is the ultimate place where you can have a great time. Start with your swimwear on this regard. Instead of going for the color you usually wear, opt for a new one, particularly a vibrant hue. Choose a loud print that will make other people give you a second glance. As long as you feel confident about your style, you can never go wrong.

It is All About Balance

Mix Match Bathing Suits

While I keep mentioning that you should choose whatever makes you feel good about yourself, you do not want to go overboard. You can still catch anyone’s attention even if you wear a traditional design. If your goal is to simply look and feel stylish, you can achieve it without being “too much.”

An example is wearing a big, loud, vibrant print and pairing it with a striped bottom. This partnership works like a charm because it does not scream like you are begging for attention. Another option is to pair a large print with micro prints. It is also the same with silhouettes. If you are already wearing a high-waisted bottom, a more feminine top would certainly go well with it.

Consider the Cuts

You want a combo that complements each other perfectly. Often, a long top works great with a bikini bottom. You get a little bit of coverage, which can give extra comfort for some ladies out there. I think it is a basic look, which is why I personally add more details, such as choosing a scallop-style top to make it a bit more interesting.

Go for Versatility

Mix Match Bathing Suits

Make sure you buy versatile pieces. Prints are incredible and they can make your swimwear collection fashionable. But I have found that having a lot of solids lets me maximize the potential of mix match tankini and separates. Last weekend, I got compliments for wearing a solid top with a patterned bottom.

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If you can’t get enough of mixing and matching swimwear, here are even more style-specific recommendations to try:

A reversible halter top: Choose a patterned halter top and pair it with a high-waist bottom. You already have different options because it is reversible. Make sure that the pattern is easy to match though.

A strappy top: When shopping for tops with straps, opt for something that is fun to wear. This way, you can wear it with a plain bottom and still look interesting. You can switch it up as well. Wear a top with a low-key style and pair it with a crazy print.

Embroidered bikini: Match the top with a bottom that has the same color. You can also choose a solid color bottom, which features the dominant tone in your top. It may not be a pair when you purchased it but the whole ensemble will look like it came right from the store.

Halter top with underwire: For women who need more support, this is a great option. You can pair it with any solid color bottom or a patterned one. You can also try a white bottom.

High neck top: If it is striped, choose a solid bottom or vice versa. It makes the look more versatile without appearing dull.

Retro-style: Another option is to get a retro-style top with ruffles. Go for one with a sturdy support for the chest area. I also recommend a top that has adjustable straps, especially with this type of suit. Even better, pair it with a high-waist bottom, which will certainly make you look fabulous.

Crochet tankini: Tankinis now come in a variety of styles. From crochet with a solid color to one with floral designs and other patterns, you can go for this type of top that you feel comfortable while wearing. Tiered tankinis are also in and most of them come with basic colors. Of course, you can find some with a crazy pattern. Make sure to pair it with a solid bottom though.

What to Avoid When Mixing & Matching Bathing Suits?

When you know how to mix and match bikinis, it gives you the illusion that you have a whole new collection of suits. The possibilities are endless and you also get the best bang for your buck. As I have mentioned earlier though, you can get crazy but not too crazy. Here are a few mistakes many women do when attempting to mix and match swimsuits.

Too Many Colors

While you can always go for vibrant colors, wearing two different hues can be distracting. Neon green, for instance, when paired with neon pink may not be the best idea. A touch of colors can easily go well with each other.

Too Many Patterns

As with using too much color in your swimwear, you should not use as many patterns as you want. It will just make you look inexperienced with mixing and matching.

Going in the Same Direction

Many beachgoers would wear a top with a loud print and mix it with an equally bold bottom. It may work on some pairs but it is definitely a newbie mistake. If you want to wear a bold print, mix it with something traditional, such as stripes. Another similar mistake is wearing large prints and pairing it with the same size of patterns. Choose microprint instead so your ensemble does not look too busy.

More Color Mistakes

You can always choose a top with a different color as your bottom and it will create a new dimension to your swimwear. I have always liked wearing a white top with a black bottom, which makes my tan look so good! Contrasting bright colors are absolute killers, too. However, if you plan on pairing similar colors, hoping that they will make the top and bottom look like a set, I guarantee you that it will not work.

Silhouette Errors

If you truly want to make your two pieces look like a set, there are sneaky ways to do it. Coverage is the key here; make sure the pieces are of similar coverage. For instance, do not wear a super skimpy bottom and pair it with a full top. Instead go for sporty tops with boy shorts, for instance. Or you can have feminine tops and high-waisted briefs together.

Mixing and matching is all about having fun. There are no actual rules here, just ideas. It’s important that you enjoy what you are doing and you feel confident when you wear what you have put together.

Why You Should Mix Match Bathing Suits

Mix Match Bathing Suits

If you are like me, you have one top and one bottom that you absolutely love. Unfortunately, these pieces are mostly separates that do not match. It was a problem before but the ongoing trend is to mix and match bikinis and tankinis.

When you do it right, you will create something that appears intentionally put together and not sloppy at all. Some combos work so well that they look like they are made for each other, such as florals and stripes.

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Mixing and matching bathing suits gives you great freedom. It is a smart way to treat your suit like normal clothing where you find two pieces that complement each other. You now have an excuse to wear the tops and bottoms that you adore more than ever.